At Syncity NG, we want to read fresh stories from Africa and showcase stories that we’re proud of to the world. We want fun, non-linear writing; send us whimsical articles, memorable short stories, witty commentaries, striking poems, and relatable memoirs. We don’t believe much in boxes, so if you’ve written something interesting and thoughtful, we have a vibrant reader base waiting to consume it.

Rest assured, we read every submission that we receive.


1. We accept unsolicited submissions all year round. We consider and publish short fiction, poetry, creative and critical non-fiction, book reviews, essays, and press releases.

2. Send us previously unpublished work. We only publish previously published work (online) when we request for it. However, if you have work published in print (but not accessible online) and you’d like us to publish, please send a query letter to

3. We don’t mind simultaneous submissions; just let us know when it’s been accepted elsewhere.

4. Word counts (strict):

Fiction; 300 – 3000 words.

Nonfiction (creative and critical): 500 – 2000 words

Poetry: (Send no more than two poems of 50 lines or less each per submission)
Interviews; 2000 words or less

Others (interviews, reviews, listicles, commentaries, press releases, gossip, etc): 1000 words or less.

5. Go through your work carefully before you upload it. We get turned off by bad grammar, bad punctuation, plagiarism, and cliché language. We don’t tolerate writing with homophobic, sexist, tribal-supremacist or racist leanings. No space for hate here.

6. If we accept your work, you’ll retain copyright to your work. But you have to give us first publishing credits should you want to republish elsewhere. And please notify us to that effect.

7. Please note that we’ll edit your work, but we’ll carry you along.

8. We cannot provide individual feedback on rejected pieces, due to the number of submissions we receive. But occasionally, if we really like the promise of your work, we may let you in on some suggestions on how you can improve on it.

9. Once published, we typically don’t consider removing published work on our site. Unless on rare, unique cases where we might consider making an exception.

10. If your article is time sensitive, especially if it is in response to recent happenings in the literary or online socio-cultural scene, consider emailing us a pitch to instead of using this form. For standard submissions (poetry, creative and critical non-fiction, book reviews, essays), please fill out all fields in the
submission form below and upload required files.

We can’t wait to read your work.

Upload a head-shot of yourself here. You're free to be as playful or as formal as you want.