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Ama Udofa is the editorial manager of SynCity NG. Also a graduate of Biochemistry, yet, having been enchanted by remarkable storytelling, he has decided to pursue a lifelong romance with the craft. He mostly writes and edits marketing and critical content for a living freelance, and dabbles in literary stuff at his spare time. He is a recipient of the Igby Prize for Nonfiction, has been longlisted in The Writivism Short Story Prize, and recently earned an honorable mention at the 2019 Icelandic Writers Retreat Alumni Award. He has works in Brittle Paper, African Writer, Kalahari Review, AFREADA, Praxis Magazine Online, First Culture, and The Bagus. He hosts RHYTHMIFY, a periodic performance poetry concert at his alma mater and is currently at work on Safe Landing, a short story collection on gender and the self. When he’s not writing or reading, he’s pining over women he will never have a chance with.

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