My name is Syn and this is my city! 🙂

I am a storyteller.

Syncityng  is a story blog(gosh, I love stories!) with a dash of lifestyle, literature and other things that interest me. For the longest time, I put off blogging because I didn’t want to be saddled with the responsibility that came with blogging. Bloggers were also seen as “all these copy and paste gossips that want to hammer by force”(This perception has changed now, phew!) I was fine with documenting my stories on social media until 2017, when I decided to take blogging serious.

Now, I’m giddy with excitement about sharing all my stories in a place of my own. I have also gotten my friends to do same so don’t be surprised to see A LOT of people in this community of Synners!

I love making people laugh so don’t be surprised when your worries dissapear while you binge on syncityng! Life is not that deep!

Believe me, you’d never want to leave!

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