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5 Books To Read Before The End of 2019

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  1. Tobechukwu Hubert says:

    Nice list. I have read two from this amazing list and will definitely add the remaining ones to my to read list.

  2. osamu says:

    Interesting review.

    My Sister the Serial Killer is an almost brilliant book.

    Stay with Me is a personal Classic.

    I’ve been seeing Children of Blood and Bone lately, I might just read it.

  3. Moye says:

    I loved reading My Sister the Serial Killer, mostly because it was so short, but also brilliantly written.

    Stay With Me is a book I have regretted reading this year.

    I’d love to read the other three books apart from Children of Blood and Bone. Seems too overhyped and Americanized to ms.

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