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My Children and I with Abigail Adetokunbo

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My Children and I with Abigail Adetokunbo

Privileged Communication


“If you tell me, I won’t beat you.”

One of the greatest scam of all next to, “Go and put on your shoes, I’ll wait for you,”


Let’s go a bit legal: Privileged Communication protects the client from having his information disclosed in a court of law unless he waives it. Such privileged information exists between a doctor and a patient, lawyer and client, between spouses and you can bet that it exists between teachers, parents and the children.

Hold up! It happens between siblings too.

Especially when one has done something wrong.

“Tell me. I won’t tell daddy or mommy.”

You spill and the next thing you hear right after either parent is around is exactly what you were assured will be kept a secret.

Taiwo (12 years old. Male. Lagos, Nigeria) has this to say:

“I went to a neighbour’s house without telling anyone to go and play football. Somebody now came to call me that my uncle is calling me. When I got there he said I should say the truth that what I was doing. He said that he won’t beat me o. I told him so he told me to enter. When we entered the house he beat nonsense out of me.”


Bolu (15 years old. Male. Lagos, Nigeria):

“One day I locked myself in the room to use my mommy’s perfume. My elder brother suddenly entered and caught me. He asked what I was doing and I said nothing.

He said if I tell him the truth he won’t tell anyone. I told him. When my mommy came back in the evening the first thing he said was, ‘Mommy, Bolu used your perfume,’ She beat me that night o.”


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Poor dears! Their “little secrets” blown open before their guardians, all thanks to whom they entrusted these “privileged information” to. Lol! The disappointment though!


But here is something: when they were asked if they would say the truth in cases similar to this. They said :

Taiwo: I will lie for them o.

Bolu: If my brother can do that to me, I don’t trust anyone o. Even if it’s a nice stranger.


Well, what a wow.

As teachers/ parents, how do you handle privileged information entrusted to you by your children?

I’d love to hear from you.


My name is Abigail Adetokunbo and I am a passionate teacher. My mumu buttons are children and Agege bread. I’ll gladly kiss the sun for these two.
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