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8 Ways To Care For Those With Mental Illness by Gloria Chimelu

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8 Ways To Care For Those With Mental Illness

Mental illness, especially in the Nigerian society, is seen as a weird, laughable or even a demonic thing. In some circles, it is seen as madness.
Mental illness can be be induced via depression or by gestures like attempting suicide. Of course, a professional examination is needed to know if someone is mentally ill or not.
Whether it is caused by experiences or biological imbalance, mental illness should not be ignored or declared ‘a western thing’.

Here are 8 ways to help mentally ill people around us:

1. Do not isolate or stigmatize : They just need care. They do not need insults, jeering or abandonment.



2. Do not assume their problems : ‘Oh, it’s because he’s broke.’ It would be much better if you just genuinely asked.

3. If they confide in you, please don’t go telling everyone how they feel. There’s a reason they’re telling you and not putting it on social media.

4. Recommend books, people they could talk to, or anything that could help them.



5. See things from their view: They might hurt you sometimes or do dramatic stuff but sometimes it’s just not them.

6. Encourage them.

7. Try to learn about the illness, so you can empathize with them.

8. Never use their illness as a weakpoint in arguments or fights. That’s just low.



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