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Why Exactly Do People Cheat?

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Why Exactly Do People Cheat?

Why do people cheat?
Why do people commit to someone and then cheat?

I was in a bus today. Heading somewhere. A man entered and sat close to me. You know all these Lagos buses that squeeze people together while the conductor yells ” Five five for seat or marun marun” as the case may be? Yes. That one; where people share body heat and all.

So this man enters and receives a call. His words are loud enough for me to listen in. After his call, he opens his phone and starts reading his messages. My eyes flicker to his phone in disinterest…and then interest.

Text message one: From Musa A.
Hello darling, how was your night? I hope it was not too cold? I love you.

(He is clearly married so I’m like awww, sweet wife. Eh ya)

His reply set something off though…

” Nite ws fine nd u?”

That’s all? And in shorthand? No further cooing and reciprocating of love? Hmmm. Maybe, he’s not the type.

He opens another text.

Calabar: Hello baby, i have been calling you but you havn’t been picking. Please respond. I’m getting worried.

Response: I was on okada and I couldnt pick.

He sends and opens another.

XXX(couldn’t catch the name of this one. He was giving me side eye. Started with S something).

Text three: My love, please…

He looks at me, catches me staring and sheilds the phone. He sends something and turns the phone back to my view.

He deletes ALL the messages. Five of them. I saw some 35055, 4100 messages but he didnt delete those ones. He deleted the others and made sure I saw it.

Some might say circumstancial evidence but then, I wasn’t born yesterday.

Why do men cheat?
Why do women cheat?

Synners, what do you think?



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