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Opinion: 5 Things Ladies Do When They Are Into You

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5 Things Ladies Do When They Are Into You


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Dearly beloved, I am pleased to announce to you that…


*drumrolls please*


It is DM Season!


For the Lastmas in our midst, let me bring you up to speed. DM season is that period where DM(Direct Message) success stories emerge. As a result, ladies consciously or unconsciously become “friendlier” to the guys who slide into their DM. A few days ago, Lagos playboy and music crooner Banky W confessed that he slid into his wife to be’s DM before he was friendzoned. Since all power belongs to the King of Kings, He, in his infinite mercies caused Adesua Etomi to release Banky from the shackles of friendzone and elevated him to fiance!


A na-aku kwa aka ebe a?


A round of applause for that miracle. Who would have thought that Banky was this humble? Hey God!


In a nation like Nigeria where some existing cultures suppress women and their sexuality, most women lack the courage to approach men like their oyibo counterparts. What if Adesua liked Banky but was playing it cool? What if that babe likes you but she is playing it cool because of what people will say?


Most guys have given up trying to figure out a woman. Don’t even bother. Women are so complex that when you think you have them all figured out, they just evolve into something else!


But wait…


Can you totally figure someone out? No matter how much you have lived with them or how much you think you know them?


Here are some things ladies do when they are into you:


They give you a wink across the room:


Nna, when you receive this wink, believe me, what you have on your hands is a bold woman. First of all, you need to chillax. Don’t be too eager to rush over and grab her, biko. Nwanyoo nwanyoo. Her giving you a little smile from across the room at a party is a come-on sign(or not). Give her a little smile of your own, raise your glass in a toast and walk up to her for introductions. Be a gentleman about this.


They get you food when visiting:


She is either a veeeeeery good friend or into you. I didn’t say you should turn her into a cook or demand for food because she was nice enough to give you food. Please don’t spoil it with turning the kitchen over to her when she comes visiting. This has nothing to do with wife material sontin.


They give you hugs or kisses for no reason:


When ladies sneak up behind you and give you a big hug, that’s a big sign. Chai…See eh, ka m gwa gi something; a lady who is into you but is shy to let you know will give you all the signs in the world. Long hugs…Kisses(not French o. If it enters French, that lady is 100 percent serious!)for no reasons are some of the signs that a lady who needs you to notice her, gives. What you should do in this case is ASK. If you like jump on her…


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