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Cynical City Lights By Jerry Chiemeke

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  1. ASP says:

    What a wonderful picture of Gidi this writer paints here. This is the part of Gidi most of us who came to struggle know.
    After everything is done, and fortune smiles at us, we get to love these struggling days of ours.

  2. Emmanuel Okoro says:


    I can relate to this. Wonderful images painted.

  3. Osazuwa Emmanuel says:

    Hmmmmm….life goes on…till we get to the top

  4. Kalu says:

    This was great, was just grinning from ear to ear …..Jerry keep the spirit up….Syncity…..sin no more

  5. Ivie says:

    Lagos! Tired of the place, still you just can’t leave it!

  6. Samuel says:

    very original, coarse like the streets of Lagos.

  7. Ify says:

    Nice one sweety…

  8. Mr. Kaysee says:

    Lol. Nna, epele. The story of Lagos is raw. Cruel, if you like. Lagos is not a merciful man. But that Ugochi part?

  9. Omah says:

    Paints life in Lagos so vividly, great read as always Jer!!

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