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See Gobe! Facebook Children of Anger Serve It Hot! GidiTattles #17

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See Gobe! Facebook Children of Anger Serve It Hot! GidiTattles #17

As e dey hot…

Sillyking Cyme called out an alleged fraudster:

“Saporu Kolawole Ayodeji

I have waited. God knows I have been patient.

God knows I have begged you.

Begging you for my own money! just imagine.

Here’s the story

We did a business deal,

You proposed you have a service to market to 700,000 emails.

And that all we needed to do was to pay you 100,000 naira and you market to this subscribers.

I won’t dash anybody 100,000 but Saporu promised me ROI or Refund of my 100,000 if after 1 month and I don’t make back my money from Selling to his emails.

How can I send mails to 700,000 emails which you claimed where active and I didn’t even get one reply?

Am not talking of sales, I am talking of 1 of the 700,000 emails actually replying my email to tell me to stop disturbing him. I didn’t get a single reply.

No email reply after 1st week. I told u. You said I shouldn’t worry and that ROI is guaranteed or I get a REFUND.

No email reply after 2nd week

I told you

You said I shouldn’t worry that you will upgrade me to a standalone server where my emails will be delivered fast.

I reminded you again that this is 2 weeks into the 1 month guarantee.

That’s how 4weeks went and I didn’t receive 1 email from sending to 700,000 rubbish email list.

I called u and you agreed you will pay me on the first Monday of February (can’t remember the date)

I called that day, you said I should wait till 1 month that you have changed your mind and won’t pay till after 1 month and that if is disturb you, you will block me on top my 100,000.

Funny enough u went ahead and blocked me on messenger.

Later u unblocked me and promised to block again, if I ever disturb you

I spoke with Nicholas Lawrence Onumara who said I should give you the 1 month grace.

I paid you this money early January.

Today marks 2 months you are holding someone’s 100,000 in this recession and you are coming every day on here to post pictures of your soft work on top people’s money.

On Friday, u sent me a message that you have sent the money back to my account.

I told u I didn’t get any alert.

You said network.

On Saturday I called, you said your diamond bank app wasn’t going and you would send screens hot as proof as soon as it goes.

I logged into my brothers diamond app immediately and it logged in. Wawuu!

This morning you blocked me on WhatsApp

That’s when I found out you were lying all this while.

Please talk to Saporu and tell him to send me my money back and stick to the agreement.

He has until this evening to transfer me back my refund, I have respected him enough.

By Monday, I will have to do what I should have done 2 months ago.


P.s -My sales letter was not bad, it’s the type of sales letter Nnamani Czar, Anikulapo Nonso and Kelechi Idemili will give a 90%, so the fault is not the sales pitch but his servers.


P.p.s- I am sorry for tagging you without your permission, I just want you people to tell him to respect his agreement and issue a refund or suggest to me the right action to take.”


Egba mi! See gobe!

Image result for mouth open gif

It didn’t take too long before Saporu Kolawole Ayodeji came to the comment section to say:

“Top marketers I respect so much already spoke to me…I would refund you the 70k you paid for bulk mail hosting” and “The 30k is for the list and I never promised any refund for the list”


Then SilkyKing went ahead to post:



If am going down, we go together, already typing my post.

I got robbed early this year

All my laptops

Hard disk


Everything stolen

I was almost suicidal

Called Saporu and begged him to drop the money and consider me let me start doing business again yet he wouldn’t.

Nairaland next

No delete button in Nairaland o

Currently I have nothing to loose

Nothing actually,”




IBN Anyi Danda gbagaun-ed on National Facebook while blowing grammar. Ejo, what is prideful?


“I’ve found that a certain kind of mental impairment often predisposes prideful people to see insults and personal attacks where they should otherwise have perceived honest admonition couched respectfully only for the sake of diplomacy.

Why else should a person read derogatory implications into the phrase “intellectual deficiency” other than what it connotes – mental retardation?

It’s not as if mental retardation is an end-all-be-all condition with no remedies for betterment or improvements.

You are intellectually deficient, put simply in pidgin means: you no too get sense. ?


This doesn’t imply that your tomfoolery is inherent, although, choosing to bellyache needlessly, spoiling for a Facebook fight you’ll never get, might suggest that what we’re in fact dealing with here is something innate.

Do yourself a favor. Get off of social media; peel your sunken eyes away from watching BBN, turn off that TV of yours for a while and go read some good books. I could very well send you some should you be so humble as to ask. Books are food for your noodles which I’m afraid, at this point, are beginning to gradually atrophy from lack of use.


I come in peace.


Love, always. ?”


Image result for mouth open gif

Abeg, who get the sub?

This is what went down in the comments section

Golden Garvin attacked Prince Pulga in d comment section on his post….”Oga you are talking rubbish. It’s enough if you want to watch the show, you owe nobody any explanations, but the other reasons you gave are stupid and I really think if you put in as much time as you claim to in your job, you would not be able to garner strength to type this stupid epistle”


Ekwu Chijekwu fired Golden Marvin with…

“you are a very senseless and stupid girl. Infact you are brainless and useless. You speak about being reasonable yet you jump inside the post of someone you aren’t friends with on Facebook and you start talking rubbish. What happened to minding your business? If your friend shared it and you didn’t agree with it, you could have ignored it or hidden the post. The mere fact you feel you must comment already exposes you as a senseless fool. See how ugly and unkempt you are, with such nasty attitude, I pity the unfortunate man that will be imprisoned with you in the name of marriage for the rest of his miserable life. Hopeless, useless, good for nothing cheap pathetic slut”.


*sips tea*

Golden continued with…

”Lol… Motherf*cking retard, FYI, I am a guy, I guess you lot are in the same boat, and if your sense of judgment is so poor as to prevent you from deciphering sexuality, then I must say you are beyond redemption.. You are a sick head and won’t condescend so low as to barter words with you and as for being unkempt, dude it will take you close to forever to get to where I am at the moment.. And it’s quite a shame that you didn’t check to know who you are jabbing. motherfucking retard MFR

Ekwu retorted with:

“You are a stupid good for nothing pig.

So you are even the ugly guy next to that cheap classless girl.

Why on earth would I check a low scum like you?

You are a pathetic and hopeless nonentity. In fact useless is your second name. See him looking like an armed robber.

Useless, good for nothing faggot.

Not surprised you are hopeless.

A man that bears the name Marvin. He probably takes it from the ass too.


Lol… Ode oshi, like I said, it’ll cost you your life’s worth to get to where I am, Gay ass motherfucker.

Image result for eats popcorn gif


Uzodinma’s daughter stole a post but shame no make am talk

She stole Nkechi Bianze post and appended her own name on it. This is the post:

“My Dad always sounds it in my ears Chinwoke you must be tough. Being girlish and being ladylike is not an excuse for weakness”. This he still says to I and my sisters till this very day.

All the children were raised to do the “masculine” as well as the “feminine” tasks.

I and my sisters started winding a 15KVA generator as soon as we got one. I learnt how to wash a car (internal and external) before the age of 16.

I started learning driving immediately after secondary school. My Dad told me that before he allows me drive out independently, that I must learn to change car tyres.

I remember I was forming ajebuter and my Dad said to me “If you are driving on a lonely highway and you need to change your tyre, what would you do? You will have to get down and change it…. that’s the common sense thing to do. It’s a survival skill for drivers. Car tyres are not changed with a penis, so you don’t need to worry about not having one”.

My brother?

He started washing the dishes as soon as he could reach the sink and handle the dishes. He started cooking simple meals before the age of 10. He started washing his socks and underwears before the age of 7. He started handling his laundry before the age of 11, when he had to go to boarding school.

In my house, the rule was (still is) that anyone who eats must be able to get involved in the kitchen, when required.

My father tells me I can be president, not first lady. There is nothing wrong with being a first lady, but there’s also nothing wrong with being the husband of the president. Thus, if you tell your son that he can be president, you should also tell your daughter that she can be president.

The hidden but significant psychology behind this is that telling your daughter that she can be president pushes her to be great, while telling her that she can be a firstlady pushes her to aspire to marry a great man, and probably reduces the needed inspiration to aspire to exercise her maximum potentials.

We need to stop teaching our girls to believe that the best they can be is to exist under the success of a man, their husbands.

It is disfavor to humanity to raise your son with the impression that he is better than other females just because he owns a penis. Raise your daughters to understand that they are not inferior to males.

Teach your sons to be as domesticated as your daughters, and push your daughters to attain financial independence as much as you push your sons.

This way, we will raise a less entitled and more responsible generation, equipped with all vital survival skills, and with less handicaps.

Charity begins at home, not in the offices or work places.



Go tell it to the world, over the hills and everywhere.

*By Vivian Chinwoke*”


Related image

But Vivian, why sense far from thee like this nah?


Estee Whyte go use head nack ground for Nk’iru wall…

Aunty Nk’iru. Njoku jejeli post

“So the governor of Zamfara allegedly made the boo-boo of stating that the recent outbreak of Meningitis in Zamfara area was an act of God – a punishment for sin.
The Nigerian arm of the internet has been thrown into an angry frenzy. Everybody is casting stones at this governor and I’m shaking my head. I mean, I do get the uproar.
But is this not the same country where every goddamn thing has a religious angle even when it has zilch to do with your God(s) and everything to do with your simple refusal to apply COMMON SENSE?
When you people hold prayer sessions in your offices before you start work for the day, what do you think you are doing?
I’ll tell you.
You’re saying ‘I might be a professional, but my job is not really mine to do. If I fuck up, it’s how God wants it to happen, after all I’ve prayed’.
When a person has a disability that has no cure but can only be managed, and you ‘block your head’ with the fancy words of your pastor and you then tell said person with disability to get a miracle from your pastor, you tell them you’re sure they don’t have faith and that’s why they haven’t been healed, what do you think you are doing?
When you as a technician are doing a technical job and you are asked what your timelines are and you say ‘by God’s grace we will finish on so and so day’, what do you think you are doing?
When a pastor went online and connected mental illness to sin, and some of you foolishly defended that nonsense, WHAT THE HELL did you really think you were doing?
Every single day, some of you justify outrageous things with portions of your religious texts that belong in no place else than the dustbin.
You even justify rape by touting ‘ungodly’ dressing as a cogent explanation for why a person has been raped.
And there are even those amongst you who prescribe what’s that film? F*ck f*ck f*ck… prayer room? War room!!
You prescribe War Room as the answer to all the marital problems possible.
Your husband doesn’t like sleeping on that side of the bed, he wants to claim your position by the wall? War room!
Your husband slept with his sister, your sister, your refrigerator, and he rapes your daughters? Aww my sister, God hates divorce. So, War Room!
Some of you have your relatives dying, you have the money to seek medical care, but you DO NOT.
Instead you take them to church and have a saliva-spitting-in-rapid-speech, shifty-eyed, colorful blazer wearing, thieving idiot chant uselessness over your loved ones, collect your money from you, and send you lot off with a disgusting smile of satisfied avarice.
You do this! Yes you! You sacrifice your common sense all the damn time on the altar of religion. Wasting human life! Watching people die avoidable deaths! All the damn time!
But look at you now. Outraged. Intellectually offended.
Come on shut up, and sit down. You are cut from the same cloth as anyone who believes that meningitis is a punishment from God. If I could see into your minds now, I’m sure there are those of you who agree with such a postulation sef. But you’re here pretending.
No? Ah, then why do you for instance quote 2 Chronicles 7:14 whenever solutions to Nigeria’s problems are being discussed?
“…if my people which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, I will hear from heaven and forgive their sin, and WILL HEAL THEIR LAND…”
Why is this a solution to national problems caused by long-term, grand-scale corruption on all levels?
So please all of you, calm down. Read the last post I shared, written by Obinna Aligwekwe. He’s a doctor and he gave some tips per handling meningitis in these parts.
Please arm yourself with useful information and stop shouting useless shout. All of una na kuku the same thing.
Have a good morning.


Na im Estee Whyte drop “May God forgive you.”


Oshey! “Gatekeeper of God’s forgiveness ”

The roasting whey she chop there no be here.

Image result for eats popcorn gif

Adeniké Akinsémolu went straight to the no chill zone with….

Madam Estee,

Good morning! On January 29th 2017, you said this:

“If there’s something we should pray for this year it’s
wisdom. This year will require wisdom. #believe”
I can see your prayers have not yet been answered. It is because you are a sinner, pray for forgiveness.”

That one pain Estee o!  She totally lost her Christian gown in the reply:

“Adenike or whatever, u just had to be stupid n go thru my posts just to sound ‘right?’ I see, but ur ‘wisdom’ seems like utter foolery to me so have several seats, abeg.”

E pain am!

Dr. Obinna Vs Olusola

Ghen ghen!

Olusola Osineye fired Dr. Obinna.

“Nigerians on social media are sharing an update that has the treatment regime for meningitis. SMH
The daft update was written by a qualified doctor based in the UK.
These folks love getting ‘likes’ and having their updates shared so much that they lose their head and professionalism. I have never seen a more irresponsible update on social media.
The doctor actually wrote a detailed treatment, including prescribing Antibiotics to people who may end up over-dosing or under-dosing based on lack of understanding of the post.
If he did that in the UK and something went wrong, he has exposed himself to prosecution. If someone should die by following his irresponsible Facebook treatment regime, he would be liable. That probably explains why many Nigerian medical professionals constantly face fitness to practice sittings. The professional ethics practice by many of them is primitive.
That update is irresponsible.
There’s too much ignorance in Nigeria. And sadly this ignorance is promoted by the so-called educated ones who are desperate to form expert on Facebook. SMH”.


Dr Obinna no let am cold before he hit the reply button

“Dear friends,
It has been brought to my notice that some have actually querried the ethical correctness of me bringing out the modalities for treating and preventing MENINGITIS, in an update I made in the early hours of this morning.
First off, let me say the particular query which triggered this response, is for all purposes, THRASH fit for the dustbin.
I will be sharing the ignorant statement in the comments section, but first, I will address the ethics of my previous update.
I am under the General Medical Council, the body which regulates Doctors in the UK, and the guidelines for releasing medical information on social media is already crystal clear
Section 54.1 (GMC Regulations)
Provision of Information to the Public and Advertising:
“The provision of information about the availability of medical services through the media, internet or other means is generally in the public interest provided that the information is factually accurate, evidence based and not misleading”
1. In the public interest.
2. Factually accurate.
3. Evidence based
4. Not misleading.
Now, I am sure anyone who can read and write, could understand the update I put up. I broke it down for a purpose. Nobody has as much as even asked for further clarification as its simple as ABC.
Another issue the query raised, is the risk of members of the public taking an overdose.
Now, that is not my problem.
Rifampicin is a drug that comes with prescription. Even over the counter drugs have dosages. It is the responsibility of the patient to make sure he takes the right dose at the right time.
Doctors will NEVER be culpable when a patient takes doses that were never prescribed.
Damola Ilori, go tell your friend Olusola Osineye, that he has not been practising MEDICINE for over a decade.
I am currently practicing in Colchester.
My GMC Number is 7078247, and can be verified on-line.
I have NEVER been a subject to any disciplinary regulation by GMC since I started practicing in 2010.
My update on meningitis stands, and is within the ethics of GMC practice.
The update is in the Public interest.
The update is factually accurate.
The update is evidence based.
The update is not misleading.
You don’t have to be diagnosed with Meningitis to use Rifampicin. Once someone close to you has the disease, that is enough to start taking the drug.
His statement reeks of profound ignorance and even malice.
He either dusts his rusty skills and re-acquaints himself with the latest skills of the medical practice, or stay in his ICT field and keep his mouth shut while those practicing do what they know best.”

Image result for eats popcorn gif

That’s it for today!

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    These people play too much sha…especially that nonsense person asking God to forgive Nkiru…she needs God to forgive her foolishness abeg!!

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