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No Sex, No Strings…

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  1. Oge Samuel says:

    Sad story, Jerry, told in a deliciously rambling pattern.

  2. Obinna says:

    Words running into words, mixing delightfully. Loneliness looks better on paper.

  3. Ejovwoke says:

    Beautiful scattered thoughts everywhere…

    Narrative on point…
    What a way to end a Beautiful tale of two people who at a point found solace in each other…

    But then, life happened…
    Well done Jerry

  4. Dhee says:

    Emotionally gripping as always, Jerry. I love the musical undertone too. I guess music is melancholy’s perfect poison.

  5. Okafor Izuchukwu says:

    Ouch..No String

  6. francis says:

    And she looks happier now.
    But wait why nobody notices the sudden change of face that comes up when the call came in, taking your ears off the beauty voice coming from Mandy.

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