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I Can’t Remember My First Kiss -Lola Ogunnupebi

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Tosan smiled hard at his friend, who was gushing about the girl he had just met and how their talks were spectacular. For the first time, he could see the truth in his friend’s eyes. He could see happiness mapped out on his forehead in form of the face he makes at the sight of his favorite food. Sanmi had finally found someone and had now left him in the single stream. As usual, he wondered what it would be like when he finally met his own mapped out happiness; what he’d do to show the utmost support for her, how he would feel.


The funny thing is, we see other people experience their “silver linings” and wonder what ours will be like or how special it will equally be. I, for one think we shouldn’t even wonder. I’ve had different instances in my life, where I was required to attain a certain age before I’m allowed access to certain things in my family and I can’t even remember what it felt like when I finally had access to those things.

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I’m horrible with firsts. I don’t remember my first kiss even and I’d like to think I’m not the only one in this boat (please don’t make me feel crazy). It’s not like I don’t remember it because it wasn’t nice, I just don’t think it’s worth staying in my memory enough to be remembered (no matter how it had turned out).

If you subscribe to remembering your firsts, you secretly want it to be worthy or even something worth remembering. How do you tell a bazillion people that your first kiss (for example), was a dare? That doesn’t even count, but if you had never been kissed before then, it’s a first!

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When people ask me when the first time I did something was – as much as I hate lying – I simply just say “the one I consider my first is” or simply say “I haven’t found a worthy first for that” Personally, I think it’s unnecessary if it’s the first or fifth; as long as you live, there’d always be more that will make your heart flutter with joy.

Do you think firsts are that important?

If yes, what firsts do you remember and why did you think it was important?

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