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Are We Still Having This Big Brother Naija Argument?

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Are We Still Having This Big Brother Naija Argument?

Written by MystiqueSyn Osuchukwu.


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Ko ye mi o!

Are we still having this argument about Big Brother Nigeria or no Big Brother Nigeria?

You people have time. A l-o-o-o-t of time. This matter is simple. You either want to watch or you don’t want to watch. It’s easy. It’s not rocket science. It’s just like Mazi Okeke. If Mazi Okeke wants to touch Ulachi’s ukwu, what is the proper thing to do? Marry her of course! (At least that’s what happened in those days. No be now wey touching na free. In fact, with 200 naira meat pie, you don mikpo the something. ) You can’t eat your cake and have it. The world is not black and white. You have to make room for good and evil. Even God who created the earth let good and evil reign. Didn’t Jesus allow the wheat and the chaff grow together?


I am not saying BBN is evil o. But between ‘the two both of us’, let me just say that after praying my rosary, I will log into Instagram to watch the highlights of the show.

It is what it is. Just entertainment.

Staying away from BBN doesn’t make me more religious or spiritual. It doesn’t stop me from praying to my Heavenly Father. Banning BBN will not return the price of dollar to 1 naira. Have you forgotten the agent of change that promised you that one? Abi you miss road? If there is anything wrong with your country, hold your lawmakers responsible. DSTV or Pay Porte didn’t promise to pay you 5k. You know who did. Face the person squarely.

Frankly, BBN will not teach you anything. It has no meaning or moral lessons. You can’t even learn how to do things properly there sef. Is it kissing you want to learn from Kemen? Or fidelity from TTT or how to avoid premarital sex from Bisola or how to avoid gossiping from Uriel?

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Mba nu. Total waste of time. But you know what, it is NOT your waste of time.

What happened to live and let live? What happened to changing the channel when a scene you do not like comes on? What happened to evangelization via peaceful talks and means?

I agree that there should be more shows promoting good virtues or sustainability of a nation. What happened to Debaters? The Apprentice? Cowbell competition? Spelling Bee? Survivors?

These are shows that add value to the society but I have one question though: I ga enene? Will you watch? Some of these shows were pulled off networks because of low ratings and infinitesimal viewing.

Sister, brother, you dey watch am?

Charity begins at home. Promote these Christian shows. When last did you watch any Mount Zion channel or movie? Didn’t I see you hailing the Wedding Party a few weeks ago? Is like you did not see Banky kiss Adesuwa, abi?


Biko that is not what is doing me. What is doing me is the hypocrisy and double standards of Nigerians. Now a lawmaker has moved a motion that BBN be banned. Something that is not even aired in your country because you don’t have common 5 hours light straight. Nwoke m, keep ‘chut’ and take several seats in Ifeanyi Ubah Stadium.

If you don’t want to watch BBN, allow those who want to, watch it. Make moves to promote religious and motivational programs. We will watch. I remember enjoying Debaters and the Apprentice. I was surprised when they pulled the show…

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Are We Still Having This Big Brother Naija Argument?

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