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Dheelicious Musings #3

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Some days

when I wake and I look outside the window, all I see is gray. I see the light shade of gray on a two-story building under construction beside my house, and the ash-like gray of the abandon uncompleted building right in front of it.  And because on some mornings the sun isn’t sunny, the sky too is a floating mass of gray fog. It doesn’t help that the walls of my apartment are also painted with a milky shade of gray.
I’m used to seeing so much gray when I wake that I’m beginning to feel like my world is aligning itself to my thought. I think I see this particular color so much because I think in gray. I don’t think in black and white because I regard both as extremes; but gray is the neutral equalization bringing balance to the opposing fundamentalism of black and white.
I love gray areas. I love the gray side of life. I love gray thoughts, and I love gray people too. When I see someone with gray hair like my grandma, I don’t see it as a sign of old age, stress, or worry; rather I see it as a nature-bestowed sign of knowledge earned through experience –and this experience comes from a lifetime of swaying between the cruelty of black and the coldness of white.
Depending on how exposed it also is to light, gray can either be made darker or lighter. Black doesn’t have this dynamic fluidity of state, which is why it’s often contextualized in correspondence to negative ideas and ideals because negativity is a static energy. White is susceptible to change, but it’s a one-way kind of change that means it can only go darker but not lighter. Gray has the capacity to become either black or white, and this is because it’s a construct of both, and the equilibrium between their extremes.
Gray thinkers are open-minded. Gray writers don’t promote stereotypes. Gray leaders don’t support extremism. Gray people are generally tolerant of others. Gray isn’t perfect, because nothing is ever perfect; but to see life solely through black and white is to see life through a false moral dichotomy where you assume anything that isn’t good must be bad. Black is bleak as it symbolizes darkness, and white is weak because it can be altered by anything. That isn’t fluidity. That is stupidity. As you should have control over what can change you.
Anthropologists say they are also two races of people: blacks and whites. But then I FEEL too white to be black and I LOOK too black to be white, so I decided to settle with a race that cares more about how I THINK instead. That race is gray. I have embraced this race, because gray is God Redefined As You.
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