The Brand Artist #2

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Hey Synners!

Welcome to the second class of Brand Design 101. The feedback from the last class was amazing. I hope that this time around, you will share these lessons for those on your social media pages to have a taste of what you have been having. Did you study the notes from last class?

Now, to today’s topic: What is graphic design? Like all subject matter definitions, we don’t have just one definition but I will define it as the process of taking ideas and giving them visual form so that others can understand. Timothy Samara, in Design Elements- A graphic style manual said “The graphic designer uses imagery, symbols, type, color, and material -whether it’s concrete, like printing on a page, or somewhat intangible, like pixels on a computer screen or light in a video-to represent the ideas that must be conveyed and to organize them into a unified form”.

So, you see that as a graphic designer, you have your job cut out for you. From what we have said, you can see some key words that are really important; Process, Ideas, Unified form and Understanding. For me, these are the really important words to a designer. Let’s talk about them one after the other.


Look at it this way. Let’s say you want to build a house: Do you just call the builders, take them to the land and tell them to start building? Of course not! Some designers are guilty of this. They don’t have a process. A process is the step that a designer takes immediately he gets a brief from a client (A brief could be either a call from the client or a document that contains what the client wants you to work on or design). Everybody has a different process but the goal is to generate awesome ideas.

Let me describe my process to you. Let’s say a client calls and says they want a logo for their event planning company, the first thing I do is close my eyes and smile because I know that I’m going to do something awesome (Lol). Then I start sketching ideas and taking notes. I like to make a minimum of twenty (20) sketches. Then, I pick the top three awesome ones. Sketching is really important because it gives you the space to breathe and generate multiple options, check the solidity of your ideas before you even put on your laptop.

Some designers don’t sketch but they may create a lot of ideas directly on their computers. I prefer sketching on paper.

Next, I transfer the selected ideas to my computer, recreate them there, select colors and present them to the client. Now, the recreation, selection of colors and presentation to clients also have their own processes which we will discuss in subsequent classes.

Let’s stop here for now. If you have questions or contributions, the comment section is open and I will answer them in the next class before I begin the lesson for that day.

Don’t forget to share this status and invite your friends to join the class. Till I come your way next time, try some things on your own and present them to me in the next class.

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