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When I Count My Blessings, I Count Life Twice

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I have lived a privileged life.

By privileged, I do not mean devoid of suffering and hardship. The context in which I use “privilege” is simply bouncing back after life’s ordeals.

I have lived a privileged life and I thank God for this, not as much as He would like but all the times I remember after working for exhausting hours. You know, it is easy to condemn or judge those who do not live within the same social strata as you. Social status here does not necessary mean rich or high class. It may mean affording an extra plate of fufu at a “mama put” or simply drinking bottled water while your “mates” opt for pure water. It may also mean something as simple as impulsive online shopping despite the dollar challenges or getting a wristwatch you may not need but would look fine on your wrist. One may just conclude that those who are not “privileged” are…not hardworking enough…do not pray enough…are not properly skilled…

Yet, we know that life deals blows to both the boxer and the boxed. We know that somethings cannot be explained…somethings are not just your making…that others simply received the shorter end of the stick.

I used to take for granted the things I have(seemingly minute but still something)…the company I keep(almost nonexistent but still there)…the family I was given(annonying but still supportive) and the life I live(mostly indoors brainstorming but now trying to be “outdoorsy”). I used to want to be other people till I discovered that like Jesus, they had longer crosses than I did. I badly wanted to belong until I discovered that “packaging” was the order of the day and facades didn’t really suit me. I learnt to do my thing, be alone when the need for it arose and simply watered my grass till it became as green as the lawn I envied.

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I live a priviledged life. I have people that will not necesarily die for me(though I suspect mom is a drama queen who can pull off that stunt) but will put with me because they know I will trouble them till they listen to me rant about ideas and life in general. Some people do not have this priviledge I have. Some people do not have friends, family,wealth, love…life. It’s not because they are not trying…or living…or hustling. It is simply because it has not happened to them.

Count your blessings…tiny, big or barely there. For those who have privileged lives…an extra note above the other…an account that is not always red like the eyes of the one who smokes ibo…a sturdy roof over your head…a better life than most…

Know that people are suffering; men, women, children! Appreciate what you have and do what you can for those who have made genuine efforts but still do not have.

What are you grateful for? Let’s talk in the comments section!

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