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If I had a Superpower…


Being a huge fan of movies and series, I have always been fascinated with the magic genres. I’m currently watching Good Witch and I sincerely don’t think it’s “magic” enough for me because, I’m on the second season and no one is waving their hands in a whoosh yet. It probably sounds cheesy, but when I think “magic” and “excitement”, whoosh is all I want to see.


The only super power I always wished I had was the ability to read minds. You know that spark or ting that tells you this person doesn’t really want to be your friend, they just see you as a means to an end; or this person really wants ice cream but decided to go for just waffles because it’s what you want? That kind of feeling. I would love it. It would be wonderful to know when to stay or move along, you know.

I would love to know people’s thoughts and be able to help them through their pains without being seen as a freak of course. Sometimes, it’s quite sad that the people we love are going through stuff and the best painful but needed things we could say, begins and ends with “you know I’m here if you want to talk, right?” You know that’s all you can do even if it really eats you up inside to be nosy and ask direct questions based on your thoughts or observations.


I also wish that my super power comes with a virtual feature. That takes it up a notch from the traditional super power thread and infuses it more into the modern society. In short, I want to have an advanced google search for a super power! How cool would that be?

I wish I could know what you’re thinking while reading this post. What you think is wrong with me, in what category you’ve placed me and if you’d come back at all to read the consequent set of random rant that I call writing. I do hope you come back though 🙂

It’s an amazing day for superpowers we can only wish for, my name is Lola Ogunnupebi, it’s nice to meet you too and welcome to Raves, Rants and Reviews.

What super power do you wish you had? Let’s talk in the comment section!


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