Like Kasali, Like Sowore: The Political Activist In Us All | Book Review | Syn Osuchukwu

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For those who are interested with ‘Dedication’ pages in books, you find the quotes in Kasali’s Africa intriguing. It reads: To those who keep loving in the face of adversity.

Written by Feyisayo Anjorin, Kasali’s Africa is a 268-paged political fiction/satire published by Lifescript publishing.

Think of Sowore but this time, as a farmer and brazen local whose intention is neither altruistic nor totally selfish. “Every man should face his calling. I am not a politician and will never be” pg 26.

Kasali is right. He is not a politician but a farmer who nonetheless goes on to enjoy the fruits of his political activism. His boisterious nature attracts the attention of journalists, people in power, and politicians themselves and they all end up using each other for their own needs. With Kasali, you are not entirely sure if he loves the microphones shoved in his face or if he is indeed passionate about what he claims to believe in.

The book starts slow but is soon wrought with interwoven intricacies of history; Kasali’s boisterious personality and his naive outlook on how African politics really operates.

Kasali is a flawed man- at least his children attest to that in addion to his rigidity. In between the pages, you will find poems, which is a welcome development from the sometimes tedious interview-like chapters. (If you are into that sort of literary broth.)

Book cover

It is a story of a typical polygamous African man and all his traipsings -plenty women and ‘plentier’ children. He thinks politics revolves around his bold talk, loud voice and gra-gra antics. As you flip through the pages, you will know that the book was written by a journalist or at least, one who has conducted/researched newspaper interviews in the past. Like the author says: this political satire is one we are all familiar with especially in this decade where political activism still operates with the same modus operandi: make some noise on Twitter, get noticed by a political party, receive an appointment and continue the anywhere-belle-face-activism. It is a story of the best of us, the worst of us and everything in between.

The author, Feyisayo Anjorin can be reached on social media with the same name. Do reach out to the author and bookstores near you to purchase a copy.

Syn Osuchukwu, the reviewer, writes from Lagos. @syncityng.

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