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How Mystique Syn Built Syncity NG; A Literary Community And Made Millions From Ghostwriting

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Today’s #SyncityNGLLL guest needs no introduction!

She’s a storyteller, publicist and the founder of Syncity NG, one of Africa’s largest literary communities.

@mystiquesynn is a storyteller, publicist, and entrepreneur. She is known for stories like “Adventures of a Danfo celebrity” and “Syn’s Undercover Event Series”. She is an advocate for mental health, a creative consultant, and contributor to several platforms.

Although her first language is Lagos-conductor-speak(or Igbo depending on who you ask), her poems, stories, and articles have appeared on Syncity NG, and in various local and international journals with translations in English, Igbo, Pidgin and Spanish.

Her ghost-written works have appeared on the NewYork Times best selling list. She adapts plays and writes scripts for TV and web. Her clients include some of your rich uncles, aunties and their corporations.

She has worked with nice and onigb… celebrities to drive successful media and PR campaigns.

Her numerous academic awards show that she finished from the University of Lagos, although she hasn’t used the certificate for anything. Syn holds contests on social media to support emerging and established writers. She is a mentor to young adults who need to find their career paths and purpose and she has been featured on the BBC and Arise for the same cause. Her real bio is probably as long as the wait for Game of Thrones, Season 8.(but not as…never mind)

Syn is the Founder/Creative Director of Syncity NG, Africa’s largest writing community and the official media partner to Africa’s biggest literary festivals.

She has won, been nominated and shortlisted for plenty things.

To kidnap her, all you need is Coldstone, dodo and sauce properly garnished with chunks of pomo, Agege bread, a good book and Styl Plus playing in the background.

Syncity NG

We are so honored to have you here, Chief Synner. Shall we begin?

Mystique Syn

Hey fam!
Glad to here. Let’s begin.

Syncity NG
What does storytelling mean to you?

Mystique Syn
Storytelling means a lot of things to me but much more than anything, it’s a means of escape.

My earliest memories are of telling stories to escape situations I didn’t want to be in. You call it lying. I call it weaving stories that sound like the truth.

Syncity NG
Wawu. We just discovered a new name for lying. Lmao.
How has the storytelling journey been so far?

Mystique Syn
Na you sabi. Lol.

As for the journey, we thank God. It hasn’t been easy but we good. My stories have been widely received. It has opened doors for me, even though I haven’t been consistent with it. I love storytelling. If I can be faithful, it will treat me well.

Syncity NG
Tell us about @syncityng and how you came to found this literary community.

Mystique Syn
“Syn City” was a catchphrase I used back when I was a student reporter at Unilag. I would give my “news=reports on Facebook” and end it with “reporting live from Syn City”. The slogan stuck and when it was time to get a website, it seemed fitting.

The platform was originally a place to document my stories, kinda like a backup. After that, I decided to blog. I did it for a while and after some wandering in the wilderness, it fully rebranded to a literary platform two years ago.

I don’t like the “CEO/Founder” tag so I go with “Creative Director.” Keeps me on my toes and reminds me that despite the presence of a team, not many people can translate your vision if you don’t get your hands “dirty”. I am proud of the platform it is today.

Syncity NG
Wow! Chief Synner be giving us fire!
What’s the one thing about storytelling you wish you knew earlier?

Mystique Syn
Worrying never solves a thing. Just like you can’t be passive in your growth, you shouldn’t spend so much time worrying about the things you can change(and can’t change).

Be consistent. Worry less. Put in the work. Read and Do.

Most importantly, do.

“Be consistent. Worry less. Read and Do.

Most importantly, do”

Syncity NG
Tell us about some of your stories and writing exploits.

Mystique Syn
Most of my writing is done on Facebook, although there has been a lull in that. My pinned tweet has a thread of my popular series (Adventures of a Danfo celebrity and Mystique Syn’s Undercover Series). I can neither confirm nor deny if they are fictitious or not. Syncityng.com has some old stories as well. I write what pleases me. Or stories borne out of experience. Or simply amebo.

Professionally, I do not write for fun. I write for money. I am a ghostwriter. And a damn good one at that. We have an ebook called “The Ultimate Guide: 35 ways to make money from writing”. You can send a mail to syncityng@gmail.com to order a copy. It details how I make money from writing, especially ghostwriting.

Syncity NG
Mama di mama! Please raise that shoulder pad for us well! Lol.

Why do writers often say they can’t confirm or deny the veracity of a story – just like you mentioned earlier? Does it give a secret spice/mystery to the work?

Also, could this be the reason for the caveat that comes with many creative works?

Mystique Syn
Maybe it’s because they have a nosy family like I do. Or because fans will not stop thinking every story is about the author.

A caveat could also be for personal or professional reasons.

Syncity NG
What advice would you give those looking to become influencial storytellers?

Mystique Syn
Learn from those who are already doing what you want to do.


Invest in yourself. Don’t be stingy with acquiring knowledge.

Pro tip: Buy the offerings of your favorite writers. It’s the easiest way to get access to them.

Syncity NG
We have been richly blessed with @mystiquesynn ‘s words tonight.

Final word, Chief Synner before we call it a night?

Mystique Syn
Legends are those who stay long enough in the game to be remembered.

Give yourself time. Put in the work. Don’t be lazy. Even if you never become someone’s favorite storyteller, that’s okay. Not everyone will blow in their lifetime. Plagiarists and pirates will def. go to hell.

And with that, we have come to the end of the #SyncityNGLLL show and the storytelling mini-series!

Special thanks to @mystiquesynn for joining us and to all Synners! Read Eketi, Stephen Eke(Uncle Stephen) and Victor Daniel’ interviews and share!

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