I Haven’t Received Any Negative Review About My Book Yet – Bisi Adjapon

Bisi Adjapon, Of Women and Frogs
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On Monday, we had an amazing time discussing writing, life, and books with Bisi Adjapon, author of the memorable Of Women and Frogs on the first Syncity LLLL Twitter chat. We figured if you missed it, you would want to catch up, so we’ve put together the transcript for you. Cheers!

Syncity NG: Its’ time! Welcome to the first episode of the Season 2 2019 edition of Syncity NG Literary Lords and Ladies Show. You called for another season and we answered. We begin this year with @bisiadjapon. Bisi Adjapon is the author of Of Women and Frogs, her latest book published by @farafinabooks. Please put your hands together as we usher her to the high table. Welcome, Bisi.


Bisi: Thanks very much.


First question. I really want to know how much of you I can find in this story. People say that fiction is the new fact’. How true is this for you? Would you say Esi’s story is your story?


One of my favorites. I am also half Nigerian as Esi and actually had an aunt like Auntie Biggie, but it’s mostly fiction. It’s more fun to free your imagination.


What is the worst review you ever saw/read about your book?


So far, I haven’t received a negative review. I expect I will receive one eventually. Readers have a right to their preferences. Only one member of my family has read it because we had limited copies available. A couple read earlier drafts and loved it.


At this point, we will be taking questions from the audience.

@the_amazingama: I haven’t read an excerpt of your book though, and with the ones provided by @mystiquesynn of Syncity NG especially the soup politics analogy, your allusions and metaphors are striking.  once told me that metaphors and similes are all around us and are ever-available. What is your take on this and how do would you describe your figurative language (read: metaphors, similes, allusions) writing process?


Interesting question. Indeed, metaphors are in just about everything. That soup metaphor came to me when I was imagining how a child would make sense of politics. It hit me and I said, voila!  The truth is that I was inhabiting Esi, sitting in the car with her family. Soup was the first thing that popped into my mind and I continued riding. It could have been jollof or any other meal.


@the_amazingama : This makes sense. Although, as an aside, I wonder why specifically soup, not Sunday jollof or yam pottage. I can almost picture your Eureka moment, you pausing your meal, dashing to your notepad to write this statement.


@ayoola-imran: In Boarding schools, the peer group influence is very high, students tend to learn a lot from each other. There, some learn how to smoke and acquire experience in carnal knowledge. This is due to the unlimited freedom they have there, coupled with the lack of proper guidance.


I agree to some extent. In day schools, the same thing happens. I think teenage years are hard. I found my day students in America to be just as susceptible to peer pressure.


@ayoola_imran: You are right, ma. But don’t you think the access of nowadays students to modern gadgets and some unhealthy films contributed to that? Children tend to practice or experience what they watch or see. Teenage years are the most complex aspect of one’s life.


It’s probably true for today’s youth. Esi grew up in a time when there were no gadgets and internet. The tools available today are different from Esi’s time, but the propensity is the same, in my humble opinion.


Sadly, all good things must come to an end. We are super glad to have hosted Bisi Adjapon on tonight’s show. Special thanks to @farafinabooks @bisiadjapon (Bisi Adjapon) and @decimal_point (Kelechi Njoku) for honoring our invitation. Not forgetting all those who joined us actively by retweeting and asking questions on tonight’s show. 

Synners, your love remains evergreenly amazing! Let’s do this next Monday.


Yours in art and literature,

Chief Synner @mystiquesynn.


Thank you so very much for having me. I enjoyed the interaction. It was such a pleasure, thank you!


Do not miss the next Syncity LLL Twitter chat. We will be chatting with Sylva Nze, author of My Mind is No Longer Here (if that title doesn’t catch your attention, what else will?) Follow us @syncityNG and stay updated.


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