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Turn Out The Lights And Love Me Tonight – Fiction

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Turn Out The Lights And Love Me Tonight – Fiction



He arrived home a few minutes past seven. He had had a busy day as usual at the school where he was Vice Principal. Although regarded as a common job in the country, Nwanchukwu took on the noble profession of teaching because of his zeal and zest for everything academics. The passion he had for teaching students, seeing them grow, going out to participate in interstate competitions, the joy – the pure joy of watching a student flourish academically could be compared to no other feeling.

Except (and only) the love he had for his wife.

“Oh, welcome, I also came in not too long ago,” his wife, Aka greeted and dutifully helped him with his leather bag.

“How did your day go?” he asked.

“Fine,” her only answer as she turned on her way to the bedroom.



She knew her husband would tag behind her and she was almost certain that there were no excuses tonight. Nwanchukwu was going to want to make love to her and she could not deny him any more. Besides it had been a good four weeks since they last had sex.

It was not that her body did not yearn for his touch or her mouth did not quiver for his kisses, it was just that she wasn’t sure her heart fully belonged to him. And it was almost a year since they had gotten married.



Almost a year since they had both exchanged their marital vows at the altar of the Believers Foundation Church in Surulere and yet, he always felt like he was married to a stranger. Aka, she withdrew herself from his love. There was nothing he did so far that was enough.

Yet watching that slim figure, that beautiful brown skin in the tight-fitting high-waisted bum shorts that hugged her hips and highlighted her full buttocks as she bent to drop his suitcase on the floor by the bed, he swore to himself for the thousandth time that he would do anything it took to conquer her heart.

Right now, what he wanted to conquer was her body.

“Aka, I love you,” he whispered and gently slid his arms around her slim waist.

He noticed her reluctance but he would not stop. His hands found the curve of her breasts and squeezed gently. A moan.

He gently lifted her into a standing position. Her back to him, he slid his hands up her tank top as his fingers searched for her nipples. Another moan escaped her throat.


“Aka, I love you,” he whispered again, his warm breath brushing against the side of her neck. His fingers circled her nipples and he slowly brought his lips to kiss every part of her neck.

He was now grinding against the firmness of her buttocks, whispering her name and how much he loved her. Aka moaned as she let sweet pleasures wash over her and then turning suddenly, her lips caught his in deep passionate kisses.

Nwanchukwu lifted his wife and gently placed her on their bed. His fingers searched for the zipper of her jeans. He unzipped and unbuttoned her bum shorts and impatiently slid them down. As he bent his head to her thighs and began to give pleasure with the tip of his tongue, Aka held his head tight between her legs and let out long moans.


You’re mine, each stroke of the tongue on her vagina said. Mine! Mine!

I am yours, her vagina responded as she arched her legs in total surrender to his mouthjobs.


And then he slid up and without warning grabbed a nipple in his mouth and sucked with the fierceness of a famished child.

Aka cried out and dug her manicured fingers into his back. Then he gently slid himself inside her.

They were like that, his mouth on her nipples, while their bodies rocked as one in pure ecstasy until she orgasmed and he orgasmed.

Spent, they both gently withdrew and she turned her back to him, as the last time and the times before that…

To be continued

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