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Cover Lover: The Book Challenge On Facebook Naija

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Cover Lover: The Book Challenge On Facebook Naija

The book challenge started sometimes in August (we stand to be corrected) this year and like a blazing chariot of horses up to paradise has book lovers jumping aboard.

Using the #bookchallenge it entails posting the covers of seven books, over a period of seven days, each of which has at sometime had an impact in your life. A book you had probably read to tatters. The next step would be to nominate a friend to carry on with the challenge on their Facebook walls who would also post and nominate a friend and on and on.

From children’s books to books that bring back fond memories to books we didn’t really know existed (eh, we don’t mean that in a bad way… but you get the idea) but are worth their read (according to their post-ers) to religious books to books written by the post-ers themselves, this journey of book covers has been amazing so far in the e-community.

We present to you but a few of the covers of some beautiful books, along with a little something written about the book as shared by some Facebookers on their walls:


Cover Lover: What Facebookers Have Been Up To

“This book was actually part of a series of books about the Berenstain Bears. As a child, the constant assault on my senses from various colourful and brightly displayed products, candies and toys at the supermarkets-would ensure I went ‘nuts’ on seeing them. It was always an unpleasant experience for my Mom, who was the victim of my embarrassing acts, as she was the one I was usually with. Not that she didn’t ‘treat’ the tantrums Nigerian-style but this book helped me keep things in perspective, even as a child.”

Vahyala Kwaga.



Cover Lover: What Facebookers Have Been Up To

“This goes to J. D. Salinger’s The Catcher In The Rye. I didn’t know what to expect from this book, to tell you the truth. I opened it and thought let me just have a look at what’s it about. But the moment I read through the opening sentence, I knew it was a book I couldn’t put down, to tell you the truth.

A short story I wrote (Sex, Girls, and Facebook) in 2016 was inspired by it. The story was the first satirical story I wrote, and was subsequently published by Storried a few weeks later. To tell you the truth, I had always wanted to write a story like that, but never just had the gut.

This book is partly about the preserve of innocence, partly a protest against adulthood, and partly a critical parody of “coming of age” narratives. Holden Caulfied’s narration, while humorous and often reflective, is largely anomalous and eccentric, all of which I still relate to because of how cynical I am about the future.

Most people read the novel and go, “the narrator is just a crazy teenager who doesn’t want to grow up” but I think his apathy with life, relationship, and sex, while it borderlines insanity, is a defiant demonstration of personal virtue, identity, and individualism.”

Dhee Sylvester



Cover Lover: What Facebookers Have Been Up To

“I was in my early teens when I found this book in dad’s bookshelf. Usually, he and mum were proud of my ability (and resilience) to read anything I laid my hands on. Then they realized I was all about the ‘stories’ therein. ‘The message’, mum would urge. ‘What is the message?’ And I’d give her a blank, bored stare.

This was different. Though the message only came after I’d read and re-read Bunyan until he was in tatters. Dad didn’t seem to mind.

‘The second most important book in Christendom.’ Not a lie.”

Mfonobong Emerald Michael



Cover Lover: What Facebookers Have Been Up To

“When I read this book at age 11, I made up my mind there and then, that only a love that burns like fire was good enough for me.

It had intrigue, suspense, love, revenge name it and was fast paced. It made such an impact on my soul.

I give you the passport of Mallam Ilia by Cyprian Ekwensi.”

Cerys Catherine Momoh



Cover Lover: What Facebookers Have Been Up To

“The Bible; the reason why many became and stayed as Christians, and ironically the reason why many became atheists and agnostics. The most read book on earth, which has become unto people, different things. I especially love the NIV and Message version. The Bible has, and is still having an impact on my life.”

Soogun Omoniyi



Cover Lover: What Facebookers Have Been Up To

“Tim Gautreaux’s The Clearing is simply a piece of life cut out, pressed and perfumed into thin fibrous paper. To help you understand how good it is: the prose is as beautiful and valuable as CNA’s Americanah, the setting more real, the talk almost audible. It’s one giant movie that moves at an achingly beautiful pace and when you reach its end, you will want to relive it all again. It is highly recommended, like Americanah, for writers who hope to improve their craft. It has already helped my prose and dialogue writing.”

Agboola Timi Israel


Cover Lover: What Facebookers Have Been Up To

“What, you expect me not to like my own book?

There’s that saying about writing the book you’ll love to read. That’s what I did with this book.

If you’ve followed my writings on Facebook and online generally and you’ve read the book, you can easily recognize my voice in one or two dialogues there.

Set in 1987 Kaduna and 2014 Ogun State, the book said the things I wanted to say and I am happy it’s out there.”

James Ogunjimi


For some Facebookers, the challenge has ended, an experience worth its participation, affording them the opportunity to relive the fun, the laughter, the sadness, the wholeness of some good ol’ books, something they had simply been keeping for their old age to tell to their grandchildren but for this challenge (okay, we just chipped in this last part as an extra so 😉)

For others, the nominees, the book challenge has only just begun…


Cover Lover: What Facebookers Have Been Up To
Photo credit: Adaobi Maryjane C Sugar
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