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For Boys Like Me Who Are Writers by John Chizoba Vincent

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For Boys Like Me Who Are Writers by John Chizoba Vincent

Get rejected by publishers and magazines, feel the rejections and bounce back.Get abused but never relent on it. Let them squeeze your manuscripts for once and throw it in a waste can, yes, for once; It would make you better, dear boys. Allow a publisher to kick you out and allow your heart to cry over it, you will feel better at the end of it all. This is what makes you a writer. Expect anything at any time from your readers because they are your second eyes. Just be free, boys and expect the sun on you.

They will not give you a voice except the one you created yourself. They will push you to the wall in the name of critigue it is left for you to stand tall and never fall asleep with their words. If you know you know and if you will understand, you will know. Do not be afraid. Do not be discouraged by their ancestral lies and likes. Do not find your self a mentor because they are modern slave masters. They will always want you to reshapen your mind to think their theirs. Forget about the cliques among the contemporary writers. If they don’t weave your thoughts into theirs, move on, boys. If they don’t recognise you and what you have done, move on; boys. Every good writer started with a note of rejection. Write until your hands ache, write until you have nothing in your head to write again.

Create your own world, build your own future style and don’t send heaven critics because, they will frustrate you when you give ears to them. Try to redefine what you write for without which you would end up frustrated. There are many demons out there that will rejoice the moment you put down your pen in the name of quitting. They will laugh at you because their vedict has preveiled. Know your style, carve it out from the twisted heart of your body. Write for the soul not for likes and accolades. Write for tomorrow and not for money. Write for the pleasure and the spirit and not, to please any one out there.

Dear boys, the only way you can be relevant in this field is to be yourself and not trying to wear another writer’s body. Try to relate with your soul and later to the souls of your readers. Relatively study your environments and question those things that needs to be questioned. Be the pioneer of your thoughts. Do not plagiarized other people’s work. Do not say you are not better than yesteday. Do not say Mr. A is better than me or Mrs. B does it better than me. By so doing, you are killing your powess as a writer. Learn to carve your mind and soul in books. Read a lot of poets and their poems, read a lot of books. Go research on many subjects relating to your field. Write everything, the nature, the world, atmosphere and the soccer and basketball and, many other things that your eyes sees.

Love doesn’t always mean stay neither does it always mean laughter and comments or accolades by those who sing vein praises. If you are a writer or a poet, just write and stop expecting those you look up to to like or comment on your works for you to know how good they are or how they see your works, it takes time for you to improve in your craft. Just write. And never get tired of writing. No one is going to push you up there, boys. You will be pushed base on those things you have written and those recommendation will come base on those works people have read you wrote. I will always tell you the truth and not hiding under any cover, my dear boys.

Those people you look upto started like you. There are many cliques among the so called contemporary writers of this age and, if you are not among these cliques, you will not be recognised among them. Work on yourself and keep adding values everyday. If you know you are on the right track and not because your friend is a writer and you want to write also; your voice would be heard someday. work harder, write everyday if possible. Self training is the best way to help yourself. Stop looking up to them. Let them crave to read your next post. I will continue to speak to you through this medium until the end of the world when all has gone into abyss.

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