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Back To School, Back To Books: Introducing Your Child To Outside-School Books

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Back To School, Back To Books: Introducing Your Child To Outside-School Books

Parents and guardians heave a sigh of relief, mutter a word of thanksgiving under their breath and a prayer for extra patience — the holidays for the kids are about to end in a week.

A new session means that they are a good 70% off our hands (for day students/pupils), in school, attending to their school books. It also means for some parents, worrying about the performance of their child’s schoolwork begins afresh and that’s what we are about to deal with in this article:


Dear parent, introduce your child to outside-school books.

It’s ¬†important to say that school books aren’t the only books your child should be reading. School books are fine, I mean the whole math and English textbooks, Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative (I hear they have new names for these subjects but since there are so many new names popping up that one can’t even keep up, I’ll just stick with old school general names), Social Studies, Elementary Science, Creative Writing, Elocution, etc. are fine.

However there is a difference between books made mandatory for pupils in the four walls of a classroom for the essence of passing on to a new class or repeating the same and books they can read without any such pressure.

Will not these outside-school books interfere with my child’s school activities, you may wonder?

The answer is no. But they sure will aid your child’s school activities and add positively to your child’s life as a whole.


Back To School, Back To Books: Introducing Your Child To Outside-School Books

A story is told of a primary three pupil (I hear they call them “graders” or “basic class” but like I said earlier, I’ll stick with old school names) was having difficulty catching up with his school work, a slow learner he was. To put it plainly, he was a dull pupil.

His mother worried about the constant 24/25 written in red ink in the space where “position in class” is usually written, the meetings with his class teacher and quite frankly fed up of dishing out the, “When I was your age, I was the best student overall in the entire country,” blah blah tired mantra (which we all know truthfully not to be true) that you parents never stop yapping out to slow learners, set out to find ways on how she could help her son deal with what was becoming a serious problem.

She came across an article on introducing her child to outside-school books and introduce him she did! Enid Blyton books, Picture books, etc. and made him read one every Saturday and Sunday evening. He soon developed an appetite for this new world the books opened him to and moved from reading just one book all through the weekend to three books in one weekend!

Back To School, Back To Books: Introducing Your Child To Outside-School Books

The testimony: He became a spelling bee pro! He got all his dictation correctly, won his class competition and even came second position in the primary section spelling bee contest.

His mother? Well, she was there grinning from ear to ear while exclaiming proudly to anyone who cared to listen, “That’s my son!”

If you have read Ben Carson’s Gifted Hands, he also tells how his mother made him and his brother, Curtis visit the library for a book or two during the week and how that brought him from being an F student to an A student.

Personally, my parents introduced me and my sister to outside-school books at a young age. We read Enid Blyton, Ladybird Books, A Child’s Day In –, Lantern books and many many other story books. I was no genius but I was sure among the top five in my class. I was the one who spelled the big words the other kids cracked their brains to, I knew the capitals of strange countries no kid had ever heard of because I had traveled to many different countries on the pages of books.

The benefits of introducing your child to outside-school books are many. Outside-school books help develop, educate and illuminate your child’s mind, they help build your child’s imagination and give her mind wings to fly in a way that no classroom teaching can, with the great and wonderful things they encounter on these pages.

There are some online bookstores that deal specifically with children’s books, The Bookworm Cafe is one. They have reading lists for all ages. It is never too early for your child to start reading.

Give your child (whether schoolwork intelligent or not) that opportunity to experience and explore the pages of outside-school books and you just see what a transformation it will be for them!


Image credit: Google and thebookwormcafeng


If you liked this article or have a testimony to share on how outside-school books have helped shaped your life or a child’s life, leave us a comment or send a mail to us at syncityng@gmail.com

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