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Miss Abby’s Classroom with Abigail Adetokunbo

Hiya again!

I got a feedback from Becca, a sister and dear friend of @mirasbooklessons in response to my last week’s post (you can read here if you missed it):

“… and I enjoy that classroom blog post…”

Thanks so much sis!


Classroom Disciplinary Measures (contd)

I talked about using the first few weeks to get to know each child in my class.

The second step is to let them set the rules. Children hardly break rules they set and even remind each other when one attempts to err.

Conversations like this happens:

“If you do not turn in your assignment at the right time because you chose to play or not ask for help when you need it, what happens?”

You begin to hear suggestions like, “flog us”, “the person won’t go for break”, “No play time”, “no visit to the library”, etc.

The dicey thing about these suggestions is that each child is saying what they love to do and wouldn’t love to be denied so I pick the common one. Yes I know I’m ‘wickedt’ like that! *inserts naughty cackle*

My children love to read hence Library Time. You commit an offence then you’re not going to the library with us. You’ll read alone in the classroom and no child loves isolation from peers (There’s an adult to watch over them though).

Let me quickly chip in that there are no hard and fast rules to creating disciplinary measures in your classroom. Like my big sister and Inclusion mentor, Tobiloba Ajayi (LetCPKidsLearn) would say, “The children will teach you.”

Yes, they will!

Know each child in your classroom as this gives you an edge of control and makes you know what works for each child.


I hope this practical guide helps.

Do let me hear your thoughts about this


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PS: Let your children know you’re the only one who can change the rules o! Game Master Teacher! *inserts another naughty cackle till fade…*


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