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Miss Abby’s Classroom with Abigail Adetokunbo

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Miss Abby’s Classroom with Abigail Adetokunbo 

Disciplinary Measures : To Cane or Not To Cane


It’s holiday time!

Last week, I told you in my post that I was going to share the disciplinary measures I use in my classroom. Let’s roll!

Now, some schools have this “No use of cane here” rule and I’ve heard teachers talk about its impossibility, even parents are on the divide.

Camp one says, “Please beat my children o! I was beaten too and it didn’t kill me,”

Camp two is like, “Use the cane but I don’t want to see any mark or blood or else…”

Camp three interrupts, “Don’t you even dare use the cane on my children! I WILL ARREST YOU!”


This issue has been making waves. Earlier this year, we heard that certain parents beat their wards’ teachers because these teachers had beaten their wards. Pathetic actions I must confess and this happened in schools were cane wasn’t a big deal.

Personally I do not like the idea of merciless beatings as I’ve had enough myself and it never changed anything. I too began to look for ways to not use the cane.

When I was still a very young and naive teacher, I’ve had parents storm my classes, put the cane in my hand and told me to flog their children and in cases where I do not, they beat these children so hard I wished I had just beaten them myself.


The number one step I’ve taken to totally eradicate caning in my class is to get know each child individually. My first two weeks in a new class is to know who the children in my care are. I ask questions and let them ask me questions too.

Children readily obey people they consider friends, that I discovered. This is not to say that friends do not have misunderstandings but it’s always different with a child.

I’ll share other tips in subsequent posts.


So how do you not use cane in your classroom/home? 😂

Mind to share?

Leave a comment below or send me a mail adetokunbo.abigail@gmail.com

I would love to hear from you.

My name is Abigail and I’m a teacher, babysitter and founder of KIYESENI foundation, an NGO dedicated to providing quality education for children and ending child abuse.
Join me weekly here on SyncityNG as I write about this loveable world of mine.
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