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Miss Abby’s Classroom with Abigail Adetokunbo

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Miss Abby’s Classroom with Abigail Adetokunbo

I have shared stories on how wonderful and humorous my children are but I haven’t shared stories on how mischievous they are or have been or can be.

Here’s one:

On this day, we’d just had our long break and I’d scolded one of my girls who decided to make the Locker Room (also known as Inner Room) her Sorry centre.

Few minutes later, I would hear something like the clangs of tiny bells.

“What is that?” I enquired.

One of them told me, “Miss Abigail it’s a broken glass cup.”

Broken glass cup ke? In my class? How? How did I not know? Who put it there? A million and one questions and guess the answers I got?

“Miss Abigail, Zee broke the cup last Friday,”


“And didn’t say? Zee, how did it happen?”


“It was a mistake,” Zee replied.


“A mistake no one told me about? How many of you know about about this?” I asked.

Guess what?

All of them. Every. Single. One. Of. Them. I was so mad. When did we get here? Was I not careful enough? Have I not taught them to always speak against wrong and stand for what’s right?

I didn’t punish them immediately because I didn’t want to do anything I would regret or spend a lifetime correcting (a lifetime I may never have) but they did get what was coming at them . . . Maybe if they had said “Sorry” in time sha (the wonders Sorry does) 😂😂😂


Have you ever been in any situation where your children have made you angry before?

What did you do? Please drop them in the comment section or write to me at adetokunbo.abigail@gmail.com


I’ll be sharing the Disciplinary Measures I use in my classroom next. Stay tuned.


My name is Abigail and I’m a teacher, babysitter and founder of KIYESENI foundation, an NGO dedicated to providing quality education for children and ending child abuse.
Join me weekly here on SyncityNG as I write about this loveable world of mine where it’s all fun and learning.
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