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“A Letter To What Was Once Mine” by Matilda Uchegbu

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“A Letter To What Was Once Mine” by Matilda Uchegbu

“Hello there,

it’s nice to hear from you again,

it’s been years, I fell into hate and felt drained, but now it’s all a facade because I can say and I do mean it

It’s nice to hear from you again.

Things changed like the weather, the time, trends and cloths changed but one thing remained the same,

how I feel about you, it’s so nice to hear from you again.

You sound happy, I don’t know how I feel about it, not sure if I’m sad or if I should be,

I almost cried when I heard the sound of your voice

still so smooth and encouraging as ever, not sure

why I feel these emotions,

I thought I hated you, so why is it so nice to hear from you again?

I know it’s been a while but

we are talking like there was never a space

or time never flew by, everyday I await a text

because I know a call would be asking for much, I

never thought it’d be so nice to hear from you again.

Like I said things changed, I’m happy about it,

atleast that’s what I’d like to believe,

you seem so happy and I should be contented right?

But it kind of hurts even though it’s not supposed to,

that I know you stay up late at night ‘cus of her while

I do same ‘cus of you,

I don’t know if it was right to hear from you again.

But I know your heart still beats closely to mine

like it used to,

because I was never so sure about anyone like

I was you,

it’d be a shame if I let you leave

without saying goodbye to me, I guess what I’m saying is it’d be nice to see you again.

But I hope this ‘goodbye’ is different,

it doesn’t sneak up on me and then lasts forever or

maybe another 4 or 5years down and then

I’d get that ‘hey fishbrain’ text, lol, you’d think it’d be

‘bighead’ from you , you’d also think

it wouldn’t be nice to hear from you still,

But it’ll be nice to hear from you, still, it would.

Love Matty,

Always and Forever.”


Uchegbu Matilda Okwukem is a 23 year old graduate of Gregory University. She blogs at after3amblog.wordpress.com where she writes mostly short stories and poetry.
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