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“Darling Sister” by Light

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“Darling Sister” by Light


Darling girl, come here, I have a story to tell

of when you were a little tot into a well you almost fell

Your elder sister went to take a leak

One minute, you were at the door, the next you were not

The thoughts that ran through her head made her weak

To think that you were lost

She searched here, she searched there, cried your name out everywhere

It was a dark evening and there was no NEPA light, but an ominous chilling air

In the gutters she searched, maybe there you fell

No – God forbid! that you hit your head, what would she your mother tell

A sudden wind blew and left goosepimples popping on her skin all over

Her eyes widened in fear

at the thought that you went anywhere near

the well without a cover

She raced with all her teenager strength, her heart beating prayers

it suddenly stopped for there you were! peeping into the well without a cover

In the sweetest calmest voice, she called out to you

and held your hand and led you back to home, safe and true

That night, we slept late for your cries kept us awake

Your sister made sure she whip your legs with lashes of the cane

“Don’t run out like that again!”


Light is a young woman who likes to believe she has a way with making words rhyme. She is too shy to have her photograph taken by a phone camera.

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