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My Children and I with Adetokunbo Abigail

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My Children and I with Adetokunbo Abigail

“Children and Savagery”


They have the most innocent of hearts and innocent thoughts. There’s no single shadow of doubts about that. What about their innocent replies to questions? How beautiful is that innocence … until you become the direct object of all that innocence.


Sometimes though, these ‘innocent’ replies could generate steam from your ears and if you’re not careful, it could lead to you to taking some actions…


Let me share some real life classroom experiences with you:


Few minutes after I’d explained a particular theory to my 3rd graders, one of them asked a question that if he was actually listening he wouldn’t have asked. So I asked him,

“Where did you put your mind?”

“In the class, ma,” he replied, oh so innocently I was undecided what to do with him.


Hear this:

I asked a girl in my class what her favourite colour was.

“Color blue,” she replied sweetly. “What’s yours, Miss Abby?”

“Orange,” I answered.

I didn’t know that she’d been reading on orangutans. Next thing is I heard was,

“Miss Abby likes orange like an orangutan,”

The whole class of third graders bursted into laughter and giggles. You know that kind of everyone-is-laughing-but-I’m-not-because-my-cheeks-are-flushed-with-hotness kind of laughter? Yes, that one.


A colleague of mine shared an experience in his classroom with me:

“One of the boys was making a noise in the classroom. In my teacher’s will-you-stop-that tone, I told him to stop.

But he turned to the boy by his side who was as quiet as a mouse and mimicked me, ‘Will you stop making a noise?’ and then turned to me again with a goody-two-shoes smiles. I didn’t even know what to do.”


The sweetest angle in all of these is the children are just being who they are. Children.

Only if they knew that it’s called savagery in the adult world. Hahahaha. Only if they knew.



My name is Abigail and I am a Passionate Teacher. My mumu buttons are children and Agege bread. I’ll kiss the sun for these two. 





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