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I Am Single . . . I Can’t Raise A Family On My Logo Design Earnings: Dotun Fadairo, WordSmith Designs

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  1. Nzegwu Ngozi says:

    Great answers! Yet I think it should take more than the software and data to be a great logo designer. You got the talent, it shows in your work.

    Wishing you the best

  2. Solomon EjiroOghene Ruth says:

    Awesome interview. Really straight to the point and light. I believe Dotun is great. His designs are simple yet exquisite. I love his mind and of course, I enjoy his everyday memes on Facebook.

  3. Chidimma Chukukere says:

    You’ve always been a fantastic person, Dotun. Not just with what you do, but with your personality.

    Your answers were just straight to the point and I honestly admire your honesty.

    You’re exceptional with what you do. Please don’t stop.

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