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This Burdensome Mess That Is Nigeria

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This Burdensome Mess That Is Nigeria

This country is a mess.

Big mess.

The President has been gone for over 90 days. His wife makes a post saying he came back last week. Others say they haven’t seen him.
Every two weeks, different sets of people allegedly go to see him. Selfies are now the proof we get to see to know he is alive. We don’t know who to believe.

Oga step down and hand over, nko? No o. Nigeria na generational family business.

Imagine a government playing hide-and-seek with close to 200 million citizens!

Maybe we should talk about the Hajj subsidy or the governors’ lodge that will cost millions of dollars.

These people “recover” millions of dollars almost every week! Where is the money? What is it being used for? Why are workers still underpaid or not paid at all? Why is our debt with the World Bank still running? You recover dollars every week yet you wan borrow. Where are the arrests? Who you dey fool?

Professionals are leaving.
Sportsmen are leaving.
Doctors are leaving. Writers are leaving.
Techies are leaving. LGBTQs are leaving.

No constant power supply. No clean water. No good roads. Zero economic growth. High cost of living. Epileptic network and data supply.

This morning, hundreds of Catholics were gunned down in Ozubulu, Anambra. Police arrives the scene, walks majestically and tampers with forensic evidence/crime scene. Who am I kidding? Do we have forensic facilities here? Taaa! Common original DNA lab no dey sef.

Some say the assasins came to kill one “Bishop”, an S.A drug lord. The others say they came to kill the governor. Another group says it was Fulani Herdsmen who came on a revenge mission.

As we no get Intelligence gathering for here, who we go believe? Linda Ikeji, Channels or Punch?

Big joke.

How much will it take to put this country in order? How much will it cost to have 24 hrs light, CCTV on the streets, a database?!

Everyday, this country kills you slowly. I pay for everything. Everything! Even those with special needs have to use cement to build their own ramps before their wheelchair can be effective. Haaaaa!

The government has done NOTHING for us!

Instead, they steal from us!

I did some investigation about the last local government elections in my area but if I report all I gathered, I will turn up dead. Either that or get sent to a prison and be forgotten.

No laws!

You rape, you go scot free.
You loot, you are crowned elder statesman.
Bribery and corruption everywhere with power vested in the hands of a few recycled old men and women.

I am tired. Really tired. Just when you want to “unlook” and face your hustle, another nonsense happens.

Abeg, let me go and look for what to eat before I die one unnecessary and unmemorable death thinking of the way forward.

Nigeria will NOT be the death of me.

Rest in peace to the dead.



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