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4 Ways To Avoid Back Pain While Working

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4 Ways To Avoid Back Pain While Working

An average civil servant works for 25 years before retiring. This stat is for Nigeria and for most Africa countries.

Tweeeeeeenty-five years!

Sometimes it involves sitting on a chair or two during this period. Sometimes, it involves going to work every day and sitting for long hours doing the same thing. Chai!

Kam gwa gi eziokwu. Let me tell you the truth. 90% of people will not avoid arthritis and chronic back pain. With the kind of hours people put in these days? Taa! It is almost sure. Before you people say Syn has come again, hear me out. It is not a curse or anything. It is a reality and consequence of the work habits people put in daily. A lot of us are guilty of this habit but I really don’t blame anyone. It is one of the things we need to do in order to put food on our tables.

If you are up to 30 years of age and your back doesn’t hurt as much as the lies Lai feeds us, here are 4 things you can do to avoid (or manage) back pain while working.

1. Use back rest or padded chairs

I’m sure the plastic chair manufacturers will hate me for this tip but life is more important here. If you really want to enjoin that job for as long as you hold that position, then a comfortable chair should be your priority. Luckily, most companies use padded chairs but they wear out after a while. Get colorful throw pillows to support your back while working.

2. Sit upright, don’t slouch!

This has nothing with being sharp o! Sitting upright keeps your spine straight and the bones in place. Do you want to be 40 and fit or you want to be agadi nwanyi at 50? The choice is yours. Sit upright and don’t slouch!

3. Take lots of vitamins

Vitamins and minerals help lubricate the joints. This is especially true of omega 3, 6, 9 and 12. These oils help lubricate the joints and help prevent the friction and pain around the joints.
Make Calcium your best friend.
We all know that calcium strengthens the bones and keeps it from becoming arthritic. While your work, it is good to keep a glass of milk handy or recommended calcium pills.

4. Take frequent breaks

See eh, employee of the month will not save you when you come down with rheumatism. While some employers are humane enough to give breaks, some will behave like they have robots doing the work. For your own good, take a minimum of ten minutes break to stretch out your legs and loosen your tired muscles. When you sit or stand for long, you complicate issues and increases your chances of coming down with chronic pain. These frequent breaks could be a leisure walk from one station to the other, bathroom breaks or lunch. If your Oga is carrying fire on his head, be smart about this o!

What do you think? Let’s talk!

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