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Say No To Body Odour With These 5 Steps

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Say No To Body Odour With These 5 Steps

Body odor is so embarrassing! Gosh! You never want to be in a situation where your armpit is oozing and you are none the wiser.

Nna, I understand the struggle. You have to run round the whole Sabo market looking for customers under the hot sun.

Nne, I understand the struggle. That bleaching cream you are applying on your body is making your skin to smell. Don’t worry. Syn is here to help you out of that embarrassing situation.
But wait, before we go ahead, you do know that roll on is 300 naira, right?
Ngwanu, let’s move on. Here are 5 steps you can take to minimize and thereafter eradicate any evil spirit of body odor in your life. Ngwa come with me:

1. Bathe regularly

My people, once a day is not regularly o! Have mercy on the people you kept back home in the yard. Have mercy on the husband or wife that will want to do ikworikwo with you at night. Have mercy on your children who will hug you and ask how your day went. Have mercy on all of them.




Take your bath first thing in the morning and immediately after your bath. Apply deodorant especially those that come with 24 hours warranty ( that is if they are to be believed). Immediately you return home, have your bath and apply powder if you are prone to sweat.

2. Use salt to wash the ‘affected’ areas

You know all those areas that ooze? Armpit, pubic area? Biko use salt (a pinch o!) to scrub the dead bacteria from these regions. This will remove the bacteria causing body odor thereby leaving you with a natural smell.

3. Get an anti-perspirants

You will be surprised that in 2017, some people do not use anti-perspirants. Eziokwu! They will just bathe, avoid shaving their armpits and just jump out. No perfume, no deodorant, no anti perspirant, no nothing. In this obodo Nigeria where every day is a struggle? Haaa! Biko, have mercy and do the right thing. This will save you a lot of embarrassment.





Oh you think no one will have the courage to tell you? With the children of h-anger everywhere? Issorait!
4. Wear appropriate clothes for the weather
In a sunny climate, you will still see some people wearing wool or turtle neck. Hian!



Biko, miss me with that mgbeke dressing. Some climates do not allow for heavy dressing especially those that live in the Northern parts of Nigeria.

Wear more of cotton dresses. If you must wear heavy dresses because of an event, make sure it is not worn for the whole day.

5. Reduce your running around during the day

Not everyone works in an AC fitted office. If you belong to these category of people, try to avoid staying under the sun as much as possible unless work demands it. This will help you control your sweat levels and reduce the bacteria caused by sweat.

Did I miss anything? Let’s talk.

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