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6 Ways To Make Sure Your Children Never Fall Sick

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6 Ways To Make Sure Your Children Never Fall Sick

In this part of the world where malaria and typhoid is still a big deal and our President still goes to the UK for ear infections, it would be a good thing to protect your children from falling sick as much as possible.

You know why? Because the healthcare system is not one to trust. From strikes to unpaid salaries to mediocre schools, the hospital is the last place you want to be in now. While some illnesses are unavoidable, make every trip to the hospital as preventable as possible. After reading articles about health and home remedies at http://simplyhealth.today I found 6 practical ways to make sure illnesses are minimized in your household:

1. Keep your environment clean
Cleanliness they say is next to godliness. Let me add one more thing .Cleanliness will keep you as far away from the hospital as possible. Germs and bacteria are some often culprits of illnesses and if they have no place in your home, sicknesses will use the door too. Try to keep a clean environment.


2. Watch what your children put in their mouths
You want to avoid going to the hospital right? Then watch what your children put in their mouths. This is not the time for I don kia attitude o! Children of these days are so fast in everything that sometimes you are kept in the dark about so many things. Watch their utensils, their playthings and their meals.
3. Teach them to wash regularly
Washing their hands after visiting the toilet is something they should learn from day one. This should be done with an antiseptic hand wash to prevent germs from going into their food. Cultivate the habit of frequent baths so as to avoid strong odors that come with puberty.


4. Brushing should be done twice a day
Mouth bacteria can lead to sores or open gums. It can also lead to halitosis which may affect the child’s confidence in future as it can be permanent.


5. Teach them about the importance of a balanced diet
In this era of sweet, ice cream and chewing gum, getting children to eat the required amount of vegetable is tantamount to starting world war 3. Nne, the trick is to disguise it the way they will not suspect or promise them a reward if they can finish their plate of veggies.

Try to make fruits abundant in your home and get them to take it regularly. To make this easier for them, include an apple in their lunch pack or get a juice extractor and drain the juice. This will replace all the colorants some of these juice manufacturers call fresh juice these days.



6. Use mosquito nets
Sorry is your name if you think Nigerian mosquitos are here to joke with you. Those vampires? Hian! Don’t even rely on Nepa or fan. Get strong mosquito nets to prevent the children from coming down with malaria. Fumigating the house once in three months will also help to keep roaches and rodents away.

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