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5 Ways To Get To Any Event Early

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5 Ways To Get To Any Event Early

If you live in any major city, then this post is for you!
My people, how una dey? I promise not to die before my time and for you my brothers and sisters, you too will not die before your time simply because you live in a traffic congested area. I write from Lagos, one of the busiest cities of the world. Getting anywhere takes time, effort and energy!
If it’s not traffic, it’s the drivers you meet on the road. Then you have to make sure your car is not bashed. If you don’t have a car, you have to make sure that the driver doesn’t waste time at every bus top picking up passengers while you are running late. Did I say anything about the traffic? Just pray a tanker doesn’t block the road or the roads are not flooded!
Having lived in the city for a long while, I have discovered some tips to help me get by. Here are 5 of them:


1. Prepare for the event a day before


Ladies, this is the time for us to use Benue wheelbarrow to pack this sub on our heads. Guys, if an event is for 1pm, please tell the lady it is for 9am. Just saying o! Only a handful of ladies get ready when they are supposed to be ready. If your event is a wedding or dinner, arrange your wardrobe in such a way that you do not have to look for clothes and underwear the following day. This will save you from rushing. It will also help you leave the house early so as to get to the venue in plenty of time.


2. Always assume there will be traffic.
There will be traffic 80% of the time anyway so making this estimation and factoring the time into your plan is a good step to take. If it turns out that there is no traffic, you have plenty of time to spare. If there is traffic, it saves you from the embarrassment of showing up late to your event.



3. Set your alarm.
Ndi china phone do not need to buy an alarm clock. Your ring tone is ok. This tip is useful for those who have to wake up early or have long distances to travel because of work. Early morning traffic is a given with the number of people who work very far from home. Time your alarm to ring continuously every five minutes till the time you have to wake up. This will make the body awake before you have to jump out of bed.




4. Get a to-do list
A daily planner helps keep your daily activities in check, giving you plenty of time to achieve all you can before planning your next outing. This way you do not have to juggle so many things in your hands thereby running helter-skelter when it is time to leave.


5. Leave your house 2 hours before any event
You think two hours is too much? Ha! If only you knew. Don’t assume the roads will be free. Always plan ahead.

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