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Opinion: 6 Other Uses Of Salt You Probably Didn’t Know About

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6 Other Uses Of Salt You Probably Didn’t Know About


In this era of recession, president-disappearing and dollar increase, we need to be prudent, o! See eh, we have to make do with what we have. We need to manage things and look for alternatives. This advice is for everybody and not just ndi middle class people like me.


So, I was just minding my business as usual when I decided to do some research on how to save some extra bucks this period. Lo and behold, my digging led me to some amazing discoveries about salt. I discovered that salt has many other uses apart from seasoning.


When I found out, I was like “inukwa”, you don’t say!


Salt serves different purposes and here are 6 additional uses of kitchen salt:


1. Salt prevents food from decaying

Yup! Salt prevents food from decaying when sprayed generously on foods especially fruits. Drop fruits and veggies into lightly salted water while you’re cooking to prevent them from decaying. They can also last longer until they are ready to be eaten raw. Some examples of these veggies include spinach, green and fruits like apples and pear.


2. It serves as a skin exfoliant


Salt is a great skin exfoliant which is why it can be found at different spas. When applied on the skin, salt scrubs away dirt and makes the pores open to receive moisturizers. It also clears the skin of black spots, otherwise known as acne. Salt contains cleansing properties that can be used on the skin. However, care should be taken as to the quantity of salt to be applied on the skin to avoid unnecessary dryness.


3. Salt also serves as an effective deodorant.


Ndi body odor, bia nu ebe a! Come over here and receive this piece of information with both hands. For those who think three hundred naira is too much to buy roll on, biko, use salt to scrub your armpit very well. After all, salt is just 50 naira for a small pack. You have absolutely no excuse not to smell fresh. Use it to wash all the ‘pits’- armpit etc. in the body. Please do not apply it in your private part. I repeat, do NOT insert salt into your private part in the name of washing it.


This is to avoid “stories that touch”, thank you.

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  1. Amber

    I never would have guessed that saltwater would preserve the fruits longer. I have definitely got to try that. However, I am not going to try to use salt as a deodorant, unless it’s some kind of emergency lol. It just rubs me the wrong way, but great insight! Thanks!

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