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Nicki Minaj Gave Away Thousands of Dollars To Pay For Her Fan’s’ Education

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Nicki Minaj

Pays For Her Fans’ Education


I haven’t much paid attention to Nicki Minaj since Remy Ma bodied her with the diss track to end all diss tracks, “ShETHER.” That was Oscar weekend, remember? At first, Minaj was shaken, then she made a big deal about how she was “winning” the beef by staying silent, then she finally released her “response” to Remy Ma and it was pretty weak. Still, I bet most people are still like “Nicki Minaj is awesome, who is Remy Ma?” and “Whatever.”


At the end of the day, Minaj is still rich, she’s still putting out music and she’s still invited to major events, like the Met Gala. She’s still winning. The Remy Ma thing was a blip and Minaj is actually doing fine. My point is that… Minaj actually doesn’t need to do nice things online for her fans just for a good PR hit. She might have actually done something really nice just to thank her fans and promote education. On Saturday, Minaj took to Twitter and started giving out money to students so they could pay off student loans, buy books or pay for classes. She tweeted for hours, chatting with her followers and asking them to DM their information and she would send the money they needed. Like, there are dozens of tweets, dozens of people asking her for money. Here’s just a taste:


U want to go to college but can’t? How much do u need to get u in school? Is that the only thing stopping u? https://twitter.com/macsirena/

status/861076504524066819 …

5:35 AM – 7 May 2017

3,392 3,392 Retweets   9,631 9,631 likes



That’s it? I’ll send it tmrw. dm me ur bank info babe. Next! https://twitter.com/cesarszn/

status/861078318803820544 …

5:43 AM – 7 May 2017

3,797 3,797 Retweets   10,568 10,568 likes


All total, I calculate that Minaj probably pledged/gave away more than $30,000 on Saturday. Many of the people contacting her needed between $500 to $5000 to further their education or to simply pay off student loans. I’m not sure if she sat down on Saturday night and made a conscious choice to do this kind of stunt, or whether it was just an organic thing that started innocently when one person asked her for money and everything just kind of snowballed. Whatever it was, props to her. She should start her own Nicki Minaj Scholarship Program. Some day, a doctor will operate on you because she graduated from the SHETHER WHAT’S GOOD program.

Source: Celebitchy
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