Opinion: 5 Things You Should Know Before You Say “I Do”

Chief Synner

5 Things You Should Know Before You Say “I Do”


Just Before Your Bella Naija Wedding, Tick These 5 Must Have Traits In Your Partner.


Dear Sister, he asked. You said yes. Or you asked him and he said yes. Maybe, he didn’t ask you and you didn’t ask him but you went to Idumota to buy ring. (I didn’t say anything o! Just minding my business!)  Let’ assume everything is perfect for that happily ever after wedding. Hollup, one sec!  Just before you say I do,  check out these 5 must have traits in a partner.


Is he/she capable of staying forever?


In this day and age of Indomie marriage, you need a partner that can weather the storm with you…In sickness and in health…For richer, for poorer. These days, trifle things break up marriages especially among partners who are not willing to trash out issues like adults.


Ask yourself: Am I really going to spend my life with this person? Am I going be comfortable waking up to him/her everyday? How do I feel about morning breath, joint bank accounts, change of name and babies? These are important questions you must ask before you get married.


P.S: I did not say go and die in a marriage o. Once it enters DV or unfaithfulness, please carry your bag and waka.



How does he/she fight?


Believe me, the last thing you need is a drama queen or drama king using pestle to pursue you upandan. A calm temperament is one to look out for in a partner. While people have their off-days, it shouldn’t be a habit. Friends fight but be absolutely sure it won’t be over trivial issues like what to name the baby and which grandmother gets to see the baby first. Be sure that you can bounce back after the quarrels! Marriage without play play fight, is that one marriage?



How materialistic is your partner?


Deep down, we all like beta thing! Who poverty epp? However, marrying a materialistic partner who is after the gifts and favors he or she can receive(without helping to make the money) is not a wise choice. Have money discussions. Are there clear cut plans on who is going to take care of the bills? Is it going to be 50-50 or 70-30 or 100-0? What of wedding expenses and family upkeep? Believe me, you don’t want money squabbles after the wedding. Marry a partner not a leech. Shey, you know that umu nwoke can be leeches too?


What kind of family does he/she come from?


See eh, love may be ‘sharking’ you now but you better open your eyes and read this article well. Make sure the family you are about to enter accepts you. This one has passed the matter of shinning teeth…


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One thought on “Opinion: 5 Things You Should Know Before You Say “I Do”

  • Great markers highlighted here. But there are reasons people overlook that, sometimes. When someone is already old, or too old as our society puts it, most of these things might not be considered again.

    But in ideal situation, these are very very vital to achieving a successful marital life.

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