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Opinion: 5 Exercises Perfect For The Older Generation

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5 Exercises Perfect For The Older Generation



Nka is inevitable!


No matter how many anti-aging and anti-wrinkles creams you apply, getting old (if you chi agrees with your plan) is inevitable. At that stage, most of your joints are already shouting ‘meere m ebere’ or what ever ‘have mercy on me’ means in your dialect. This is understandable because of the lifestyle habits we have emulated over the years.


Old age comes with a lot of sicknesses and discomfort for those are not used to exercise. There was a picture that went viral earlier in the year. It showed two women of about the same age. One was stooped in age while the other was still lifting weights at 70. While this may not be a fair comparison because of the harsh circumstances people face, you basically get the picture. For those who want to remain fabulous in old age, here are five exercises you can do to remain fit:





Slay queens may have taken over this exercise to increase their bum-bum but squats help build strength especially around the muscles. It is a perfect exercise regiment for people of all ages and sizes. The essence of strengthening the muscles is to increase body metabolism, the flow of blood and oxygen in the body and lastly, to aid movement. This form of exercise is perfect for the aged who may be experiencing difficulty moving from one point to another. Squats also helps to keep the weight and blood sugar in check. However, squats must be started early enough and not when the body is so weak from overuse.






For easy circulation of blood and painless movement, doing pull ups is a good form of exercise to prevent cramped muscles and stiff joints. Biko, I need to make this disclaimer here and now. When doing pull-ups, make sure that someone is closeby to assist you especially if you have crossed the age of 60. Pullups could lead the muscle pull, thereby distablizing individuals for a few minutes. Always make sure your call for help(especially if you are a newbie to exercises) is replied within minutes to avoid serious consequences.



Balance exercises


Balance exercises help to build the muscles around the legs and arms. Like the name entails, balance exercises help…


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