May 31 ( Part 2 ) Continues

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The Killer


Caleb leaves, No one sees sees him. He goes home to have a good nap.. he knows by morning he would get a call about a murder down town in the morning.

And he would come..yes he would..and he would be laughing in their faces..

Red girl thinking she killed Blondie
Roving eyes Boy…did he know that the poison Red girl gave him would kill blondie not just make her sick
And he would be laughing the hardest at Gibson…when they catch him…he was the perfect suspect and he deserves to be put down too..

And oh..he would be laughing at Stellinsky with her glasses and serious face, and the rest of the blue monkeys when they would be bursting their head looking for the murderer and talking “Detective’’..
Oh God, he hopes he can keep a straight face tomorrow..

He goes home..but he can’t sleep.. he laughs in his sleep


The call came ..

He drives there whistling …
“Jane the bad bad blondie…say hi when you get home to heaven daddy..or wait…hell’s fury hehehe”

When he sees Rogue Stellinsky..he clears his throat “So what do we have here”… He masks a smile..


The burial, you see Red haired girl and Roving hands..you see him drop the Red rose..when he drops it after it looked as though they both were fighting just now..

You see them leave. You wonder if you should find them later and tell them what you did..and how you did what you did.

You long to tell them how amateur they were..and maybe you can train them..Red hair most especially..
You don’t mind a student…the Punisher and his student..

Oh what perfect combination “ The Punisher and Red hair” Caleb smiles
Stellinsky is asking you the time, you tell her..not thinking, you forgot that you stopped your watch at 3am too. You seem to love grandpa Roving hands inspiration

You have a date tonight.. a certain blondie. Married for 5 years.. a cheap slutty wife blondie.

Your Red Rose is in the car, your mother’s cheap “Red Petal” Perfume laid there, you have mixed the Cyanide posion to it..no wonder it had that horrible smell that Stella thought it smelled like death…and worms.. you laugh. You have your tools in your bag too..

Tonight…maybe he would take out her heart, and put it in a box and send it to her husband…and a note saying “You are welcome”

Caleb smiles walking to the car as Stellinsky waits for him


Caleb smiles into her mouth, the new blond woman as they leave his car going up her pent house…

“Cheap slutty blondie..the punisher walks behind you…tell me…what you like as I touch you with my Rose of love and thorns”

He watches her lock the door…he saw her lie on the bed.

“Shall we begin Princess.


He knows tomorrow he would get the call again…to find a dead blonde ripped limp for limp..and tomorrow they would find the murderer who happens to be her lover…or her lover’s wife..and then someone would be arrested, given the gas chamber
Another burial..

Many nights later he would find another cheap sneaky slutty blond and the circle goes round again
Caleb smiles….

The END.

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