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Why We Fear

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Why We Fear


Hello synners,


Welcome to my column. I’m Ayinde Olatunde Olayinka your “sense box”.


Let us examine our fears.The reasons why we sleep and wake up in church. Pay tithes and worship our religious leaders.





Don’t sweat it. We’ll all die. Christians will die. Muslims will die. Trados will die. Atheists will die. Imams will die, pastors will die. The rich will die. The poor will die. Blacks will die. Whites will die.

Pastors have died in accidents and plane crashes. Same for imams. Same for regular people. There’s no data to suggest that those who pay tithes are less likely to die in accidents. So why are you allowing anyone to hustle you, threaten you or guilt trip you into parting with your hard earned coins?





Don’t sweat this one too. Everybody gets ill. Everybody. Pastors and imams come to the hospital. And yes, they get all the illnesses all regular people get. We see them in hospitals. When you’re ill, go to the hospital.



Being Broke


The truth? People get broke all the time. Tithers and non-tithers. In fact about 70% of Nigerians live below poverty line.

It’s not about your tithes, it’s about the economy.

In countries where the economy performs well, people don’t have to think about paying tithes before meeting their daily financial obligations. All the promises of miraculous wealth? Tueh. It’s a lie. All the threats of poverty if you don’t pay tithe? Tueh. It’s a lie.

Get educated. Manage your wealth. Start a business venture. Provide a service. Create wealth. Refuse to be greedy or be hustled. Work hard, work smart.


What Else?


Sit down. Take a notebook and a pen. Write down all your fears. Face them. Don’t let anyone make you guilty, fearful or threatened. Refuse to be  hustled. Keep your wealth and manage it.

Learn from those who create wealth from services and goods produced. Give to charity when you can afford to. Demand to know how your money is spent. If there’s no plan for accountability, keep your money.


Drop a comment let us reason together.

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