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Poem: Hips, Lips Or Tips

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Hips, Lips Or Tips



The power inherent in a woman

Is not embedded in the lips

And the influence she wields over a man

Is not vested only upon her hips


A woman’s power lies

Not so much in the perfume or the costume

Of her gorgeous, elegant dresses

As much as it lies

In how honourable she addresses

And respects her man

As much as she possibly can


It isn’t about her just being gorgeous,

It’s much more about her not being outrageous


It isn’t just about looking

Sparklingly ravishing to the man,

It’s more about the joy she’s ever

willingly lavishing on the man


No, it isn’t so much about

her breathtaking appearance,

As it is much more about

Her noble undertaking and forbearance


It’s not her ability to charm

The man with her physical endowment,

Each and every moment,

But in her willingness not to harm,

The masculine pride of her man,

Thus, leaving him in a maze of emotional torment


A real woman’s worth is not so much displayed,

By her splendid dress sense,

As much as it is relayed,

By her vivid display of common sense


It’s not in her hair or walking style,

But much more in her flair and lifestyle


It’s not in her collection of costly cosmetics,

But in her sound recollection and dignifying ethics


Not so much in her beauty and glamour,

As it is in her ability to,

With a keen sense of humour,

Turn into a happy conversation,

Every event that tries to evolve into a clamour,

And to cause the other party

To become inflamed with the fuel of anger;

It’s in her ability to avoid disorganization,

And to prevent quarrels from lingering any longer;

Question is, can she be that powerful armour

Strong enough to ward off every potential paramour?


Does she possess the much needed skill

In approaching with maturity every matter,

And paying keen observation

And attention to details,

Making sound use of her grey matter;

Can she bring out of every obscurity,

Hidden strengths without pointing

accusing finger, when things go wrong;

How long does her rage linger,

When things go awry can she still be strong?

Is she aware of what being a virtuous woman entails?

Is her heart burning with passion,

And does she show true compassion?

The glory of a woman’s personality

Does not lie on her perfect hairdo

But in the exceptionality

Of the incredible things she can do


Her worth is not hinged upon the shape of her curves,

But it’s hinged more upon the problems she solves;


The questions obviously is not if she can look beautiful,

But if she can be meaningfully dutiful

It is not whether or not she can do proper cat-walking,

But whether she can make proper sense when she’s talking


Her power does not lie

In the size and erectness of her breast,

But in her ability to help her man maximize his life

And with the facts of his assignment keep abreast


Her nakedness does not have as much potency to keep a man under her sway

As much as her wickedness does in

driving the man away


Her sexy eyes can only keep a man glued for a while

But her lies can send him running away for a mile


Hips and lips do fade

But the impression made

By your sound, decent and moral attitude

Lasts longer than your ephemeral pulchritude


It isn’t about being the most seductive

It’s more about being the most productive


It’s not the hips or lips but the tips

That makes the difference

And makes you his point of reference.


© Poet4Christ Alfred Joseph

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