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Life Is Nothing But A Coin Toss-Dheelicious Musing

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Life Is Nothing But A Coin Toss


Experience is my scripture. It guides my principles and approach to life, as it makes it easy for me to relate with almost all forms of perspectives, peculiarities, people, problems, and preferences too. This means that often I make decisions on the basis of a conscious sense of empathy, rather than solely on the basis of what should seem moral or logical for me to do.


On Tuesday morning for example, I was transferred 1000 naira credit. I didn’t notice it on time because the particular SIM the airtime was transferred to wasn’t on my main phone — which is the Android. So when I got a call from a strange number telling me I had been mistakenly transferred credit, I was very much surprised. I told the caller I would confirm and get back to him.


When I checked and saw that there was an increment on my account balance, the man in me said, “Guy, na awuf joor. Bone that man and enjoy this!” but the monk in me asked, “Do you remember how bad you felt the day you wanted to transfer credit to Anayo, only to mistakenly send it to Anonymous?”


Of course, I remember that day. I remember how disappointed I felt through out the whole day because I made a mistake that felt like a waste of money. I called the number I transferred the credit to that day, and although the lady assured me she would transfer back the credit, she never did in the end.


So basically, I could relate with what the guy who had mistakenly sent me credit was probably going through because I’ve been in that situation before.


I transferred the airtime back to his number, and while I expected he would call back to even say “thank you”, I wasn’t too bothered he didn’t because he must have felt he had nothing to do with me anymore since I’d done what he wanted me to do. But then I did it not only because I felt it was the right thing to do, I did it primarily because it’s what I would like done to me if I should make that mistake again.

So this is me, replying every direct messages I get on social media not only because I’m receptive, but more because I know how bad I feel sending direct messages to people and not getting a response from them. The need to not want someone else feel like I felt is what mostly fuels my receptiveness and responsiveness.


So this is me, acknowledging every comment on my Facebook posts, not because I necessarily have the time to do that, but more because if I comment on your post and you ignore me while acknowledging everyone else’s comment, I wouldn’t feel too good, because even when I disagree with you, I’m never disrespectful in the way I put across my dissent.


So this is me, acknowledging every tag and mention I get on Facebook no matter how burdensome the volume might be, because I remember how I used to do the same when no one on Facebook gave a damn about my writing. I see myself in all these younger writers, and because I don’t want them having the same kind of impression I have for some of those “big name” writers who snubbed me when I reached out to them, I encourage the ones looking up to me with a reaction or comment after reading their poems or story.


So this is me, not body-shaming people, not discriminating against anyone for whatever reason, hauling insults or mocking others for their failure, insecurities, difference, and challenges, because I know how it feels to be a victim of bigotry, prejudice, and insensitivity from those who ought to know better.


So this is me, believing that the best way to handle people, is to treat them exactly as you would like to be treated. My experiences go together with my expectations, and this ensures that even when I’m not being totally moral or logical, that I am at least being true to my feelings in relation to never wanting anyone to feel hurt by what I say or do.


So this is me, telling you not to take what you can’t give, because life is nothing but a coin toss!

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  1. ASP

    I love that someone sees it from my point of view too.

    Like I’ve always said, sometimes all we need is a bit of fairness. Sometimes fairness trumps justice. While justice may condemn the person, fairness may see where he’s coming from, look into past experience and go down the way of mercy.

    If only everyone can see life this way, how beautiful it will turn out to be.

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