Unknown Voices#5 :Bayelsa Women Are Heavily Endowed

Unknown Voices

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Unknown Voices #5

Meet Seun:


He’s a serving corps member with the ministry of Justice in Bayelsa.

“I am fed up with this place but I am not about to quit or redeploy. Even if they offer me a better pay or retain me, it will take the grace of God to remain here.  I can’t practice law here. The attitude to work turns me off. After NYSC, I am packing my bags and leaving this place. How can you have lazy civil servants and expect a community to grow? No. I need seriousness in my life. I will keep searching till I find a state ready for youth development.

Bayelsa has some positive attributes, though. The people have a high fashion sense and their local dresses dey burst my head! Their women are also heavily endowed. If they send a woman with big yansh to tempt me, I am finished!

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