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To Be A Celebrity Or Not To Be?

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To Be A Celebrity Or Not To Be?

Being a celebrity is basically and automatically a public status. However, some people have been able to customize this status to suit how they want to be seen as a celebrity, rather than what most people expect of them. They have also retained love from their fans regardless. I’m a huge fan of those celebrities that are great with keeping their private lives private, and their public life public. It’s amazing because, these celebrities are human first before they’re celebrities.

Granted, they also serve as inspirations to certain people that hope to be like them or more, but one thing I notice has always been used loosely when it comes to a popular person is the fact that the public never expects them to make a mistake on any level. While some mistakes are utterly unacceptable; some are quite innocent and I think they should be cut some slack. Even if the person isn’t popular, once the news of them doing something utterly wrong gets to the public, it will be treated with the same backlash as it would have been if the perpetrator was a public figure. The difference with a celebrity is that, their celebrity status just delivers the news faster.


In my opinion, I’m quite in-between with wanting a celebrity status. I’m quite private and would only like to pick what part of my personal life that I think the public should know about. You become a celebrity when a lot of people know your name and can attribute certain qualities to you – either characteristic or professional, so I’d love to be known as a bad-ass writer and poet. One whose style can be identified anywhere because of her conviction and the way this conviction is expressed in her art; is wide open for all to see. At the same time, I’d love to go out on innocent vacations with my loved ones without it being tied to publicity stunts or assertions.

In short, my answer is: In-between

What do you think? Are you with me, or you’ll prefer to go in the direction of “Yes” or “No”? Let’s talk in the comments.

Have a fabulous day.

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