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Opinion: My Beloved Nigeria, Who Did This To You?

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I wrote this piece for fifietalklive.com

In the year 2020, Dubai will introduce rider less cars. In Japan, cars already run on solar and plant energy. China may not have made an official announcement but I am sure in no distant time, they will discover cars that can run on water. In countries like Germany, the amount of power they consume has become so little (they use solar instead of electricity) that the government is paying anyone who will use the excessive power. The United States of America took one of our own and he found the cure for HIV. This is a guy that had zilch assistance from the government when he was here. He cried out to the U.S government and they used “eloprane” to come and carry him.

Nigeria on the other hand will not produce pencils till 2018. P. E. N. C. I. L. S.



Of recent, Nigeria went into jubilation mode when the “tribal marks” bill passed the second reading in the House of Senate. The tribal marks bill will provide for the prohibition of facial mutilation and prosecution for offenders. Senator Dino Melaye who sponsored the bill pointed out that the outdated cultural practice was causing more harm than good.

See eh, I agree with Dino Melaye. I am all for abolishing archaic practices that have no business in 2017. But this is where I have a problem with Africa as a whole. Why is it that in 2017, when other countries are cloning human beings, we are still making laws about tribal marks?

Like for real, TRIBAL MARKS!

When last did Dino buy garri? When last did Dino visit the hospital to count the accident victims that increased by over a hundred percent? When last did any politician buy dollar at 450 naira to one dollar? When last did Rochas Okorocha pay the salaries of Imo state workers? When last did Dino drive any car less than 30 million naira?

This is a simple case of penny wise, pound foolish! Do we no longer have priorities in this country? Is the tribal marks law beneficial to the village Yoruba boy who hawks oranges on his head from morning to night? Whose mother has to sell agbo for a living because her randy husband is too lazy to feed the family?

Why has Nigeria refused to move forward, make economic policies that will move us forward and avoid the cloak of disgrace on us in the eyes of our counterparts?

Will the tribal marks bill replace epileptic lapses in electricity, construction of roads, the Southern Kaduna Killings, the detention of journalists and the reduction in food prices?

Of course the bill is a good thing because I can’t imagine how people can be looking like the front of Agege bread. But is it what we need? What is happening in the Niger Delta? When will they have access to clean water, a healthy instead of toxic environment and a good life? When will our youths become employable and employed? When will the life expectancy increase from 45 to 95? When will our streets be safe?

When will under-aged girls stop becoming wives and mothers?

When will I collect my national ID card?

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My Beloved Nigeria, Who Did This to You?

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