Sci-fi Stories: Metamorphosis

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Sci-fi: Metamorphosis 1
(A tale of becoming)

Amanda pulled into her parking lot and turned off the engine. Grabbing her laptop bag, she exited and locked it. As she entered the ground floor lobby of her office building, she saw one of her colleagues trying to force open a door at the bank of elevators. As she approached, she saw it was the service door to one of the elevators. Maybe an elevator was stuck, or perhaps some maintenance work was needed. She exchanged greetings and waited as two burly men in maintenance uniforms tried to force the door open. She offered to help, and the loud guffaws she got from her mostly male colleagues waiting to use the elevators was proof positive of what they thought of the offer..The two maintenance men exchanged cynical grins and motioned her over. Dropping her brief case and handbag, she grabbed the handle and rammed a shoulder into it forcefully. The door gave, somehow, just as she had known it would. The scoffing and chuckling of the men was replaced by exclamations of surprise and wonder. Suddenly uncomfortable, she grabbed her things and headed for the stairs as the crowd waiting to use the elevators swelled with more and more staff resuming for work.

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As she went up, she told herself that it felt good to exercise, that Richard had nothing to do with her renewed excitement. A tiny voice in her head reminded her that the only real exercise she was getting was sex with Richard. She blushed a little as she recalled their first encounter…..

Another day at the office. Long, boring meetings, a mildly irritating client, and a colleague who just wouldn’t stop trying to hit on her, plus the fact that Juliet her friend, who was staying with her in her flat in Lagos while she went to sort out visa issues at the embassy, had called and reported that the interview was a flop, the visa wasn’t given, and she would be returning to Ogbomosho that same day. She dreaded the thought of coming back to the empty apartment, with its veneer of false cheer, and sitting out the hours in misery. She had no boyfriend, having ended an uncomfortable relationship with a whining, needy guy who was average in bed but had turned out to be married. On an impulse, she decided to go clubbing, figuring that anything would be better than spending another evening watching time pass by and getting older.

So she had called a cab, opting not to drive when she might be tipsy or inebriated, and on getting home, had dropped her things, freshened up, and hopped into the Uber, heading straight for Quilox where she hoped to down a few drinks, do some dancing, and forget all her worries, at least for a while.

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Three drinks in, and feeling much better about herself, she was coming from the ladies’ when she bumped into him, spilling his drink on the floor and breaking the glass.

Tall, dark, handsome, he had graciously allowed her buy him another drink, and they danced and made small talk for a while. When he suggested they get some fresh air outside, she was feeling his style, and more than a little tipsy. A bit of fresh air turned into a make out session in his car, and…

Still kissing her, he pulled her closer, so that she was sitting in his lap, where a straining, throbbing bump was more than enough evidence of the effect she was having on him. He told her to hold on a bit, and leaned back the seat, giving them more room. Her short black dress went up, up around her waist, and her panties, which were sopping wet, were pushed to the side, as she…

“Oooh, don’t stop, yeah, yeah,” while he fastened his mouth on one of her breasts which he had somehow freed from the bra without unsnapping it. She gasped a little as she took him in, deeper and deeper, till he was fully lodged in her, stretching her, filling her up. There was a pregnant pause, during which he smothered her with kisses and moved his hand behind him, further letting down the driver’s seat so it was practically reclining. Then she shuddered as the orgasm swept through her, blotting out all thought, all reason, all except the sensation of being so stretched, so full, of being invaded so powerfully by his throbbing shaft.

Then she began to ride him, raising herself up on knees to release him, and then letting herself fall back onto him, impaling herself again to the hilt. She didn’t even know two things about this handsome stranger, but he knew he could fuck like a bull, and that despite his size, there was a grace and smoothness with which the guy handled everything. When the guy suggested they go for a drive to his place, it took her all of two minutes to go back into the bar and get her clutch purse from the barman whom she had given it to for safekeeping. She had a brief moment of sanity, or was it pessimism, in which she told herself that she was about to head for parts unknown with a perfect stranger, but she told herself she was a big girl, and she wasn’t exactly helpless in the “taking care of herself ” department, and besides, the guy radiated good vibes all over, just a hint of the toughness and street smarts which came almost natural for a guy his size living in a city like lagos. the guy drove like a pro, making small talk while they zipped through streets and alleyways. She learnt he was a doctor, who, rather than go into the army like his father and brothers before him, chose to be a healer rather than a killer. Call hours were grueling, but he had no other pursuits or entanglements, and when he had some free time, he partied, clubbed, etc. they got to his house, and she had to admit she was very impressed by the tastefully furnished bachelor pad, the sound system, and when they went upstairs to his bedroom, by his bed. But if she had been impressed by him before, during their brief tumble on the seats of the car, she was utterly blown away now. The expression “take someone to bed” didn’t do what they had justice. She had had three orgasms before they even touched the bed. And it was on and on from there. Lick, suck, touch, tease, and nibble. Sight, sound, smell, feel, taste.  And when, in a brief period of respite from their activities, she had mumbled something about getting to work on time, he had laughed, and told her he would get her home by 5 am, so she could dress and hit the road to her office. Despite the fact that they had had sex five times, (not counting the ride in the car), he still had the verve to get up, and drive her across the third mainland bridge and drop her at her house, with a promise to call her later in the day.

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There was a certain grace and finesse with which he handled things that made him a delight to watch, as he padded to and fro in the house, as naked as the day he was born. He had a skill, a calm, graceful way of doing things that was so beautiful it was almost erotic. He made everything seem so fresh and new, even sex. Actually, she mused, especially sex. She had been around, but the guy made the Kama Sutra look like the Boy Scout Handbook.. He had made her feel like a prude. For what seemed like hours on end, they had explored seemingly endless erotic pathways. Who would have thought doggy style had so many variations?  When he dropped her, she had showered, dressed, and left for work. She felt rested, relaxed, and thoroughly refreshed, despite having had very little actual sleep. She was still smiling as she got to her floor, noting with mild surprise that the elevator was still not working. Well, she mused, hardly anyone in their right mind would like to begin a workday by climbing sixteen flights of stairs to an eighth floor office when elevators existed!
She had been at work for close to an hour, and still feeling energized, when there was a knock on her door and Percy Nwachukwu entered. At a little above average height, with big ears and a goofy grin that made him cute in a rabbitty kind of way, Percy was in the accounts section of the company. He had also been asking her out for about four months. It did not seem to matter to him that her answer, which was no, had not changed.

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Smiling, he came forward into her office.
“Another plus for girl power! I hear you helped them pop the elevator maintenance doors”
‘Good morning, Percy’
“And all the men had been trying since”, he said, extending his hand, which she shook politely.
‘It was nothing, the door was probably ready to pop, anyway, it just needed a small nudge, and my shoulder happened to be close at hand.’
Walking over to the window, he said, “such a breathtakingly beautiful day, and you the heroine of the hour, why not let me buy you lunch to celebrate?”
‘Erm…. Sorry, but I’ll pass, still have work to do, things to finish up’, she replied.
“C’mon, girl, just this once, please”
As he pulled the drapes apart, she suddenly felt her eyes stinging horribly as the bright light of the sun streamed into the office.
In a trice, he was by her side.
‘The drapes! Please close them, I find the sunlight a bit harsh’
He quickly stepped to the windows and closed the blinds.
‘I was up most of the night, working on something, and I’m guessing my eyes are protesting.’
“Ah, sorry, what have you taken? Have you eaten?”
‘I’ll drop by a pharmacy and pick up some eye drops on my way home.’
“I think you should see an ophthalmologist. Where does it hurt? Is it serious?”

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‘No, it’s not that bad, I’ll be fine, the eyes just need some rest’
“How does it feel? Does it hurt when you blink? Does it-”
‘Percy’, she interrupted, ‘you are an economist, when did you now become a doctor, or did you study medical economics?’, she queried, and he burst into laughter.
“Ok, you got me there, but I was just showing concern”
‘Thanks a lot’. She opened her laptop, and pushed the power button.

“You’re still working with the computer? The light’s not good for your eyes”
‘Doctor Percy, please leave me alone, I’m trying to tidy up this presentation o,’ she replied good-naturedly.
He left, but not before asking her to lunch again, which she declined, resuming her work on the computer.


Meanwhile, inside her body, something was beginning to happen.

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by Eyekay Nwaogu.

Photo credit:Google.

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