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Poem: Housewives On A Rainy Day

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Housewives on a rainy day

The day was bright

And all went right

Our men had gone out to fight

Against jobs that end at night


Aaah! They came back so early

Something that doesn’t happen daily

They must have fought mightily

And conquered quickly

Our kids are playing outside

Where they see their fathers approach from the downside

See! They are all coming inside

Surprisingly gathering at the bedside


The kids and we ask why

Their fathers, our husbands came by

Stopping them from saying hi

To friends who will come by


“The clouds are dark” the father’s said

“At our work place where we made

Works of hands that hardly paid

But got paused by how quick the sun fades


It must be the rain we said

Gathering clothes on grasses laid

Boiling hot water for the kids who played

Preparing dinner for those who cared


At home now, the clouds are dark

Thank God our men are back

Before the clouds began to pound

Telling us that the rains are around


The winds that announces her arrival are mighty

Sweeping the indigenes of the soil to a meeting

Causing our tress lengthy

To bow and observe the soil’s meeting


Ehen!  The kids must sleep early

Earlier than they do daily

Their parents are awake late

Because the weather is for them to mate


The clouds are dark, yet it is noon

The kids who played, on beds now lay

Their parents who are awake will rest soon

The rains came with cold, and our day has come to a tie.






Osonwa, Chukwuka Chukwubuikem is a writer and a journalist who believes that there is more beyond what we see. He can be contacted via: osonwachukwuka@gmail.com


Photo credit: Painting by Carolyn Campell. ‘Awakening’

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