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While NURTW Fight Over Girl With Big Boobs, Buhari Says Hello From London

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Nigeria Union of Road Transport Workers disgrace their generation!


The Vice Chairman of the NURTW is currently in the Hospital after a colleague “chooked” him knife for stealing his bae

When you take too much shekpe, this is the result. Ayomide Muyiwa and James Friday, members of the NURTW have been arrested over a girl with massive Oganigwe. One is in the hospital and the other is cooling his heels in a cell. According to a colleague, the victim and suspect have been fighting over the girl for a long time with Muyiwa accusing the victim of snatching the girl from him because he is rich. My question is, where is this girl that they are fighting over, biko? How come Nigerians are always fighting about girl or boy sef? Mshew!


16 year old hangs herself to end her online bullying

We should always be kind to everyone cause we don’t really know what they are battling with. Forget the happy mask and false displays of perfection. Sometimes, all this is just a joke, a big fat joke where we happen to be the punchline. 16 year old Julia hung herself after being constantly tormented by online bullies. Her 42 year old father shared pictures of her while on life support saying sharing her pictures was one of the hardest thing he has ever done. Poor child, may her soul rest in peace and may God give her family the courage to bear the loss.


Nigerian-London President Buhari pictured with a Reverend in Abuja House

While Nigerian are busy weeping about the increasing cost of garri, their missing President who currently rules from London was pictured with Reverend Justin. The media team shared pictures of the dual citizen President with Most Reverend, RT. Hon Justin Welbly, the Archbishop  of Canterbury at the Abuja house in London.

Synners, what do you think? Is this photo shop or not?


Justice is served! Police Officers sentenced to death for manslaughter

The Federal High Court, today sentenced two Police Officer by name Mr. Emmanuel Baba and Mr. Ezekiel to death for their roles in the killing of six Apo Spare parts dealers in 2005. The officers were found guilty of  killing the six traders who according to them,they thought were Armed Robbers. Country people, nobody is really above the law and all those Policemen that are trigger drunk, watch out. Ope o! I love my country!



Stand up, Resist and Run for office

In celebration of the International Women’s Day, former Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton encouraged women never to lose their optimism. She also went ahead to declare every issue a woman’s issue. She also encouraged women to lift each others up, beginning with the young.

Nigerians, una hear am so? If it’s to fight your fellow woman and remove her wig in public, you will sabi!


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